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WDS Sparkline Scripts
« on: December 10, 2007, 11:23:11 PM »
On Thanksgiving, I released a script package called the WDS Sparkline Graphics package.

WDS is a complete PHP Utility that uses the Sparkline PHP Graphics Library to generate Sparkline Charts of 6 (Currently) sets of data obtained from a Weather-Display clientrawhour.txt file.


This utility provides for selection of which chart, what type of format to use, language to output the banner in, and can be (if configured to allow it) fetch copies of the clientrawhour.txt from other sites to graph instead of the local data.

The utility can be used in both WEBmode and CLI (Command Line Interface) so that it could be used as an image on a website both dynamically or generated behind the scenes via a crontab to create static images for websites to use.

With the help of many, a lot of beta testing has been done and there is full documentation included with the package.

If you do a basic installation, you should be able to use it without any configuration changes'

For more detailed information and samples of it's output go to the link below:

Download Page:
TNET Weather Scripts

WDS is a development by TNET Services, Inc. and is FREEware distributed under BSD License.

Weather-Display clientrawhour.txt generated data
PHP 4.12+ or 5
GD 2.0 or higher
Sparkline PHP Graphics Library (Included in package).

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