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the incorrect temp reading started a few days ago and until then it was working perfectly

the unit is some 20 years old so perhaps time for a tune up
By "started reading" do you mean that this was in agreement at some prior point and began showing this error?

Or, was it in disagreement since installation?

14 (F I assume) is quite far off. I have several thermometers the two main ones are a T/H station and an ISS. Both have DFARS. They are about 20 ft apart.

Here is the delta-T plot for these two sensors:

Greg H.
That'll work. I unplug the "RAIN" connector if I know that I will disturb the tipping bucket/spoon.

Another way would be to change the DIP-switch to another unused station if you aren't using all eight. Assuming a VP2... VUE is a different story...

In either case, remember to plug the RJ connectors back in or reset the DIP switch when you are done.

Greg H.
Long-Range U.S. Forecasts / Re: La Nina - Climate Change
« Last post by galfert on Today at 08:29:33 AM »
Watching this thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, thoughts and beliefs. Respect each other, but you don't have to agree with each other. Stick to the topic, as so far most posts have not been on topic. This thread will be locked if it doesn't get back on topic.
I am comparing it to a Davis Vantage Vue located about 20ft away and at the same height
How do you know it's off by 14 degrees.
What are you comparing it to.
Looking for some suggestions why my Vantage Pro 2 starting reading the out door temperature incorrectly by 14 degrees

Is there anything one can try before I order a new temperature/humidity board??
Just to confirm: NAT does not deal with ports but with IP-Addresses. When Double-NAT in a problem, usually the request from your internal IP-address is translated into an unique IP-Adress, and the respond is not translated back properlyto its origin. So WsView's dashboard waits for a respond from WU, which never comes back. There is no firewall block involved.
I finally gave up and use now WsView at an Apple device, where this phenomenon does not occur. Obviously Apple creates the sending IP-packets different, so that NAT manages to find the way back.
Unfortunately I do not know much about NAT and TCP or UDP, which may be involved in this procedure. So I have no idea, what to do. Using straight IPv6 instead could solve this problem, but is not (yet) an option.
Long-Range U.S. Forecasts / Re: La Nina - Climate Change
« Last post by sky_watcher on Today at 06:42:38 AM »
I think many many people lost interest in this so called global warming thing when just about every agency worldwide admitted they had been fiddling the temperature records in order to achieve a "desired" outcome which was quite different from the actual original raw data.

This is where Global Warming totally lost credibility and they came up with the holy grail of climate change, yes behold climate has been changing since the dawn of time, nothing new in that but to have to fiddle raw actual temperature records to achieve a pre conceived agenda is simply a global deception, to dispute the deception is simply ignoring reality.   
Hmm. The only thing that changes that I have had experience with are "calibration" and "harmonisation".

Calibration is pretty obvious to most people where the readings from an individual device are adjusted to more closely reflect the readings from a higher standard device. There are plenty of articles on this board about calibration

"Harmonisation" is where a reading is adjusted because of a change in equipment or location. For example, the change to the Stevenson screen reduced errors induced by the previous screen design. So to compare the old readings to the new readings a "factor" must be applied to compensate for the measurement differences.

In the case of the variation between the original screen type (Greenwich) and the current (Stevenson) is well documented with over 50 years of direct comparison between two locally installed screens and it is clearly demonstrated that the Greenwich (or Glaisher) screen results in higher temperatures due to its open bottom and side allowing more direct and reflected solar radiation to hit the thermometers. Clearly to make a sensible comparison between a early reading in one screen and a later reading using the other cannot be done without taking that difference into account.

Another case is where the sensor is moved - for example from a location in an urban area to a park (example, shifting the Adelaide station from Kent Town (restricted urban area) to West Terrace (open parkland). The adjustment factor is determined by keeping both sites for at least 2 years to see how the readings vary between sites. Another old-new adjustment that makes perfect sense, as the parkland is cooler due to its environment.

So if it is not these perfectly valid comparison factors, what are you claiming these "criminal meteorologists" all around the world are doing, and how did they get the meteorologists from all the countries that hate each other to all sing from the same song page?

After all, if they aren't all in it, we would see the "fiddled" records producing heat walls around the borders of the countries were the meteorologists are all in on it, but not where they weren't. That is, the "unfiddled records" would be higher, but all the "fiddled records" would be lower - to meet the claim that they are fiddled to make it look like temperatures are rising.

Since I have seen no evidence of this, it seems that you are claiming that the VAST majority of meteorologists around the world are engaged in this criminal behavior and governments that hate the USA are not making propaganda points from exposing this fraud to the world.

Is that what you are really saying?
"It will in time be moved to a service, so that the user doesn't have to have it open"
Any timeline for this, as I don't have a "spare" tablet but use it here and there for other purposes too ? :lol:
Then the data and logging get unfortunately lost for that period when the app is not in the foreground ...
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