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The small city where I work (best known for being the murder capital of New York State) is putting together a pub-style shopping crawl for Small Business Saturday.  They are passing out punch cards, and each shop/restaurant along the main street shopping corridor will punch as you visit.  When you turn the card in, you get a raffle ticket for every 5 punches.  The drawing is for a $1,000+ basket of stuff donated by the local shops.  Not a bad idea to draw business from the big box stores and malls back to the main street area.

Anyway, if anyone wants the press release to pass along to their own local merchant association for next year, let me know.....
WeatherUnderground / Re: Gold Stars are Back!!!
« Last post by Mtnviper on Today at 07:33:53 PM »
My gold medal came back for less than 1 day about 2 weeks ago.  Hasn't been back since.  Today my Graphs and Tables disappeared.
I may have spoken to soon. 10 minutes after writing the above post I got my first lightning strike which I assume is false. Lot's of high clouds with rain forecast for tomorrow but no obvious reason for a strike. Could unseen electrical activity cause a false reading?   
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by ocala on Today at 06:22:30 PM »
Not quite that low here, 2.22, but it's dropping everyday.
Herbaldew, sorry to hear of your troubles with the WFL

I would like to second the comment about the support from Wojtek and Ryan.  I also was having real problems and ultimately frustrated to the point of returning the product; both Wojtek and Ryan stepped up.  Long story short, we did get it working (and has been since) and I did not have to return, even though they made it clear that the return option WAS available.

As you stated unheard of support; nice to see this.
...and I usually replace the hex-nuts with SS wing-nuts for easier ON & OFF servicing.
Too Darn Many Idjiots in the same Spaces!
Like the original OP on this thread, I also live in the Bay Area (North Bay) and ever since getting my Atlas last week I've had no issues including the lightning sensor problem. Although we haven't had any storms since I installed it (just wildland fire smoke conditions) I haven't had any false readings either. Having read Victoria's comments about the issue being corrected is it safe to say that my unit purchased off Amazon last week has already had the lightning sensor issue corrected before it went out?

With a storm arriving tomorrow supposedly it'll be interesting to see how the unit does.
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