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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Davis 6250 no UV
« Last post by galfert on Today at 06:21:40 PM »
Yes, but not directly.

- if you have a WLL you can add the UV to the 6332 and then report that along with your Vue ISS data to To the WLL you can then also add the most popular 3rd party weather softwares so that you can also send the data to just about anywhere (Cumulus MX, Meteobridge, Weather-Display, and WeeWX).

- You can do the same as above (6332 +UV) with a Meteobridge Pro Red (no need for WLL) and then send all the data to just about anywhere.

But the above solutions means that the Vue console will not see this UV data. The Vue console is capable of displaying the UV but only if the VP2 ISS is used.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Bad fan motor or solar panel?
« Last post by DoctorKnow on Today at 06:21:26 PM »
Just made the repair. It was the solar panel negative wire on the east side that caused the issue. It just came off the panel. I put a new panel in, and soldered it, glued it, and re installed. As I put the last guy line in the ground, it broke off, so I have to take the station back down and fix it. I should get back up in a little bit.
I believe you can set it to send data to every 1,2,3,4 or 5 minutes through the awnet app.
How often does the WS2000 send data to AmbientWeather.Net and is that interval adjustable?
Chit-Chat / Re: Hope everyone is ok...Wash your hands.
« Last post by waiukuweather on Today at 05:37:14 PM »
Hospitalisation rate graph in Texas
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Davis 6250 no UV
« Last post by faithtech on Today at 05:01:42 PM »
I have, as the title suggests, a Davis 6250 with 6100 internet data logger.
My question is this... is there anyway i can connect a UV sensor to the Davis 6250 system without having to buy a Davis pro2 ISS and then a UV sensor and moiunt? I'm in the process of adding a webcam and the UV measurements is the only thing left my station is not reporting.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Another update is now awaiting approval ( Alpha 9 ). This one mainly focuses on some bugs, but there are also a few new things to find:

  • Two new themes: Light and HP2551 inspired
  • App now ready for translations; added Danish translation
  • Changed Screen On/Off timer, to Screen Dim/Bright instead, due to issues.
  • Updated alerts dialog, to also tell when the alert ended
  • New attempt at fix for users who has a WH57, which prevented the app from recieving updates.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • More validation
  • Performance improvements, code cleanup
  • Small bugfixes
  • Calibrated default Tendency values

I've decided not to take any more testers in. The app will be released soon enough anyway :)

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Earth Sciences / Re: The Coriolis Force on Earth and in the Universe
« Last post by Fermer05 on Today at 04:29:41 PM »
The eccentricity of the orbit of the moon can be calculated by the following formula.
E ≈ Vz / Vl = 30/360 = 0,083
Where Vz - Orbital velocity of the Earth - 30 degrees / month.
Vl - Orbital velocity of the moon - 360 degrees / month.


The eccentricity of the orbit of the moon can be calculated by the following formula.
E ≈ (Vz / Sz) / (Vl / Sl) = 0.00071 / 0.0095 = 0.074
Where Vz - Orbital velocity of the Earth - 107 000 km / h.
Sz - Distance from the Sun to the Earth - 150,000,000
Where Vl - Orbital velocity of the moon - 3680 km / h.
Sl - Distance from the Earth to the Moon 384 000км.
The eccentricity of the orbit of the moon varies, from 0.026 to 0.077.
Eccentricity is also affected by satellite libration.
I will see what I can do with the 192. xx My local subnet is 10.1.xx.
Is their any way to get the latest firmware. I have 1.5.0 Could this be the problem?
Hey All,

With some help from Ken, I was able to develop and implement custom banner graphics for my website that change as you choose different themes with the theme switcher.  Check out to seem them in action.  I'd like to share my method with you all in case you'd like to try it too!  The image dimensions are for the narrow themes (I've never been a huge fan of the wide screen look so I don't use it) but I imagine it could easily be implemented for wide screen use as well.

1. Create your custom banner files and upload them.  They can be any height, but you should stick to a width of 850px for narrow themes.  For example, my banner graphics are 850x109.  Create one for each theme installed.

2.  Create a fully transparent .png with the same dimensions and upload it.  This is what I used to give the div container its size constraints.  If you want to stick with my dimensions of 850x109, I've attached a transparent.png below you can use.

3.  Modify the css files.  For every weather-screen-[theme]-narrow.css file:

Find an entry that reads

Code: [Select]
#header {
  color: inherit;
  background-color: #someHEXvalue;

And modify it so that it reads:

Code: [Select]
#header {
  color: inherit;
  background: url(‘CustomBannerFilename.png’);
Use a different banner file for each theme.  You can re-use them if you like.

4.  In your header.php file, Replace

Code: [Select]
<h1 class="headerTitle">
        <a href="index.php" title="Browse to homepage"><?php echo langtransstr($SITE['organ']); ?></a>


Code: [Select]
<a href="index.php">
        <img style="object-fit: cover; width: 100%;" src="Transparent.png" alt="YourAltTextHere" />

That's it!  Your site should now be equipped with a custom banner graphic that changes with the different themes.  Many thanks to Ken for his input on css styling!


Transparent.png is under this line.  You can't see it, but it's here.  I promise.
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