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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Davis LOOP1 vs LOOP2 Data
« Last post by GHammer on Today at 05:32:48 PM »
LOOP1 has transmitter signal quality in it.
At least, I run LOOP1 and have signal quality.
What about installing something like this atop the WS80:

May also help to keep the birds off too; my WS80 has only been up for a few days and already a bird has made a deposit on it and it's winter so it's not like birds are that plentiful. Maybe it felt the massive amount of heat emanating from the heating element :roll:

No idea how that would affect the solar panel in the WS80 but it's designed for imaging and claims to have 94% transparency and low distortions.
Well, download speeds from google can vary.  I've seen it pause and have also seen it fail occasionally myself.  So YMMV.  Persistence pays I guess; maybe leave it going overnight?   Your local METAR site does cloud cover reports only btw so it will light up the current weather tile but the tile itself won't show advanced precip conditions (snow sleet T-Storms etc).  You'll see rain conditions of course because that's based on your station data.  I'd for sure give it a shot to see how well it tracks though.  Your closest fully capable METAR site appears to be over in Anchorage (not much use where you are).
I just bought a piece of land on a ridgeline and am excited to build a house on it. For the design of the home, I'm hoping to get an accurate sense of historical temperature, wind speed, and wind direction on this ridgeline.
Well, I can tell you this much, every airport in the Bay area has runway configurations that are NW to SE orientations, and runways aren't just put down willy-nilly...year or two of observations are taking before anything is laid down. That said, when I worked in the Bay, the wind was predominately out of the NW until a storm would march down the coast and then SE wind would prevail.
WeatherLink/ by Davis Instruments / Re: Setup of network
« Last post by GB on Today at 04:42:43 PM »
It's a couple of years since I registered with but I received a 'welcome' e-mail with the details of Device ID (12 digits) and key (6 digits). Entered them into 'Weatherlink Network' on Weatherlink for Windows Setup and off we went. I suspect the 2 problems you have are related.

Good luck

Just had this reply from Davis support .

Jan 15, 2021, 10:23 AM PST

It seems that last week, Microsoft pushed out a bad USB driver.

Technical Support
Davis Instruments

Interesting, considering that I have disabled auto-updates on my Win 7 PC. Maybe it affected things on the server level instead of individual computers.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: New Atlas display with WiFi
« Last post by leweatherobzver on Today at 04:33:41 PM »
I purchased the bundle as well, I'll give them a week to at least come up with some sort of plan, if they can't give me something more than 'we're looking into it' after that, I will send everything back and look elsewhere.
Davis Vantage Pro 2  [tup]
I would love to aquire a Pro 2, a little too pricey for me right now though.
Me too.
Here ya go.


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Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Weather Link Live Desktop GUI
« Last post by darmbrust on Today at 04:28:10 PM »
thats odd to me - especially since the GUI build is failing when it gets to the sensors that are part of the WLL, so I wouldn't expect to have issues identifying those.

You can send me logs, there is probably an ERROR in them.

Have just installed my new heater cable as it is just below zero here today (-1.5C) and forecast to snow/sleet. It immediately started pulling 12W down, roughly measured temporarily using a smart power outlet at the mains socket. As Iíve also just installed a WH32 sensor so Iím getting outdoor temp/humidity anyway from ground level in the garden not up with the anemometer(s), but interesting observation above about it impacting the temp of the inbuilt WS80ís sensor.
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