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I basically switched over to having my own graphs generated from a SQL database I have WeatherDisplay uploading data to. Better interactive graphs than Wunderground and all the daily data is there and pretty.
I'm not taking my station offline from WU, but it's basically useless at this moment unfortunately. And because I switched weather softwares when I got my Vantage Vue by converting all my data since 2011, the data in my weather software is prone to having conversion errors while only WU had all the proper data properly formatted and in nice high resolution graphs as it was sent since the beginning across 2 different weather softwares.

Great writeup. Can you explain why you would nned a modified version of
Good going on figuring that out. Thanks for sharing your experience.
You are very professional. This is a great tech tip for GW1000 users. [tup] [tup] [tup]
Morning all!

Just an update on this. The issue was that my gw1000 and the HP2551 console were both set to allow custom connections via WU protocol. I disabled the HP2551 custom connection and all is working now. I also had to tweak the apache so it uses 8032 instead of 80 as the gw1000 was using 80 but it's all now working well with the weewx template showing my data.

Now to setup the weather34 plugin - wish me luck  :grin:
Thanks for the Meteoalarm script!
I wonder, is it possible to get only the Dutch text, and not both Dutch and French?


Thank you for the update.
Oh well. I keep hoping to be able to check off some issues over to the done - fixed column. I guess not yet.

You too have missing days from the monthly view of your PWS - Days 1, 5 and 10 display summary data but no graph/table.

At least your monthly view has updated to end of 18th July - mine is still stuck on 16th.

Similar issues of missing days in the weekly view on my PWS - but at least the weekly data is displayed for up to the current day.

I don't know what the WU team has done, but the historical data which was working OK is now pretty much kaput

Oh wow  :shock: bummer! I do see that now.
I had not used the new UI much as I had been relying on the the old site. Seeing this now is quite a shock. This totally means I can't use WU for live data because of missing tenths and rain rates that are meaningless. I can't use WU for historical data because the reporting summary is incomplete. WU is completely useless. What gets me is that I know my station is uploading and they are receiving all the data....the old site had all the data...I bet if they turn up the old site that the data is still all there in their database. This is a problem (many problems actually) with the new front end UI site. What a disaster.

At least I'm happy that I can pull meaningful reliable data from other sources. I can't imagine having a weather station that only uploaded to WU.

Well that settles it for me. One of those is supposed to be the WH32B and they made a mistake.
I ordered four, got five. Hopefully I'll hear back from Lucy soon and get it straightened out.
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