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Cumulus / Re: What am l doing wrong?
« Last post by Waimarie on Today at 01:53:20 AM »
I went through exactly the same when I got MX installed.  It confused the h*ll out of me until I got to the "Localhost" bit.  Then it all worked.  I have an old laptop running 24/7 that also runs my P2P downloads and hosts all my ext hard drives.  I use Win 10 Pro so have remote desktop to connect to the laptop when I want to look at Cumulus.  Seems to work ok.
There may be a clue with the app you downloaded.  Try looking at the info in your app store.
Yeah, the IT answer for everything...reset /reboot/Cntrl-Alt-Del.

From someone with 20+ years in corporate IT.


That's about the same as my son.  Some of the stuff he does scares me. I still think of him as my personal helpdesk, but I fear my problems are beneath him. ;)
I did put WU api key there; but I know WU no longer supports it. I have no idea about WU/TWC api key.

Just know we now have a specific Weather34 weewx extension. Interested in trying it.

Thanks again.
Yes this is true for using the standalone display, but in my case i'm using the gw1000, so either they could correct it on the gw1000 as an option with the outdoor temp/humidly sensor.
I will email them with a link to this thread as well.
not sure if the purpleair sensors have a heater, or maybe the laser is always on ?

found this on one of their product review responses for the wh41

"The sensor is sensitive to liquid droplets - rain/fog/sprinkling. When the Dew Point is close to the outdoor temperature(T - D < = 2C), the PM2.5 reading will be very high(which is not the real condition).

That might be the reason of"overestimatedPM2.5 mass concentration measured by" other sensors.

Hope you can understand that it's hardly to avoid this issue for laser sensors.

Thank you."
You're welcome, glad to assist.  It looks like most of the framed popups now come up and display.

The charts for temperature, wind, barometer and rain all show no charts because of 404-Not Found on the data files.  Have you set-up a WU/TWC API key to get the data needed?

The CU-HWS template uses only WU for graph data.  If you're running WeeWX, you should use that specific template instead as it can use WeeWX data for the graphs.
I found it. As the problem happens only after I implement ssl, I have to amend the content of  /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ssl-params.conf:
Code: [Select]
# Header always set X-Frame-Options DENY
Header always set X-Frame-Options sameorigin

Thanks a lot.
Sure, look in httpd.conf file for your Apache server.  It's likely in /etc/httpd/conf directory

Code: [Select]
Header always append X-Frame-Options DENY and replace with
Code: [Select]
Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGINthen restart the Apache server.

That should allow iframe from your site only if the iframe-page comes from your site.
Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the FanJu FJW4 weather station? The seller has been unable to provide that info. Thank you.
try clicking on the main graph...if landscape mode then scroll up to see the graph
then you should see the graph screen....showing a range of graphs for different sensors...yes?
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