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WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Re: Export Daily Values
« Last post by Bushman on Today at 01:45:59 PM »
Just create a custom export using the HTML tags like  There are daily tags available.
WeatherLink by Davis Instruments / Export Daily Values
« Last post by kylek97 on Today at 01:32:31 PM »
Hi everyone,

I am very new to WeatherLink 6.0.5. I am trying to find a way to export daily weather values instead of hourly values to create a .met file to run APSIM crop modeling simulations. Is there a way to export daily radiation accumulation, max temp, min temp, and total rainfall instead of hourly which is currently in the browse tab?
Any suggestion or help would be appreciated. Got a USB Data logger from Prodata Associate. But! what i thought was going to be so simple, i now see is not as it won't connect. Now It shows up in my system in the USB controllers as a "USBXpress device"  but when i press "set up-communication port..." in weatherlink i get the image below. Now, the computer is brand new & all is ok with everything else, i also updated the drivers in the usb device, but no luck. Any ideas???

That is some extreme weather you get where you are at. A lot of lubricants fail at such low temperatures and contribute to bearing failure. Perhaps there is a special lubricant that you can use in your extreme environment to improve your situation. See this for related information:

I see my anemometer is locked up again (not turning) in 30km winds this am, so I guess it's time to plan another adventure up the tower and pull the assembly down once again. Luckily I do have a spare anemometer from my original VP I can install while the newer one is repaired. Not a task I look forward to! :(

This unit has failed every year I have had it installed. New bearing kit fixes it for the year, then when it gets cold out once again it ceases up. Is there an improved version of this anemometer unit? The old VP design has last for many years...

We do get a lot of wind here, often in the 50-70KPH + range for days sometimes, and in the winter it gets into the -40 range (not considering windchill!) Maybe these bearings just wear out?
CWOP Forum / Re: Moved 8600 miles?
« Last post by galfert on Today at 12:00:31 PM »
BTW I saw what your expertise looked like on networking so I believe what Jerry says is true.

This is not the attitude of what we want to see on this forum. Any advice I've given if proven to not apply or serve to move in the direction of a solution does not indicate that it was bad or wrong advice. Without me remoting into a network it is but a possibility that was communicated to be investigated to see if it is a viable solution. I think what you said here is pretty clear and that is not acceptable.
From memory,  I think the reception % parameter will tend to reflect whichever transmitter has the anemometer attached.

If you want to watch reception from individual transmitters on a regular VP2 system then you need to look at the wireless diagnostic screens for each active channel in turn.
For anyone who is using this SDR method with a 2902A or 2000 console, the Ecowitt WH32 offered on Amazon is actually a WH32E and works perfectly with the 2000 console.
As soon as it is powered up, it replaces the outdoor Temp and Humidity sensors on the WH65B. I did this to get closer to recommended mounting heights for sensors.

Good to know thanks! This means that there are currently only two known Ecowitt branded sensors to work with the Ambient WS-2000 console. These are the WH32E outdoor temp/hum and the WH40 rain gauge. Any other sensors used with the Ambient branded WS-2000 console need to also be Ambient branded sensors to be recognized. Remember to match the frequency when attempting to use different branded sensors.

CWOP Forum / Re: CWOP/MADIS location keeps reverting
« Last post by galfert on Today at 11:26:38 AM »
Things are in flux now. My recommendation would be to ensure that your software and your APRS packets are correct. Any registration changes at this point should probably wait till the issue is resolved. Of course you can try your luck and submit to CWOP support to change your registration information and see what results. But don't be surprised if it changes back shortly thereafter, at least until this issue is resolved.
I have a VP2+ with (for largely historical reasons) a separate anemometer and anemometer transmitter. Again for largely historical reasons, the ISS is on channel 6 and the anemometer transmitter is on channel 2. It has been a couple of years since I replaced the ISS battery, and I have been keeping an eye on the reported transmitter battery status displayed by weewx, which has been fine. A couple of nights ago, under very cold (for early November) conditions and following a couple of overcast days, the battery finally gave up, and there was no communication from the ISS for much of the night. weewx duly showed no data for outside temperature or humidity during that time, but it continued to show signal quality readings in the 90s! I presume that these referred to the signal from the anemometer transmitter, but this is certainly not very helpful! I also suspect that the 'OK' transmitter battery readings I had been seeing were from that transmitter. Where there is more than one transmitter sending data to a VP2 console - not a particularly unusual situation - what do the reported signal quality and transmitter battery status readings actually reflect?
The status of the most healthy transmitter?!
(or possibly) The status of the transmitter on the lowest numbered channel?
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