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Title: Need Help w TxWx WR-25 Please
Post by: longmire on March 08, 2009, 09:41:07 AM
I have a 15 year old Texas Weather Instruments WR-25 station connected via RS-232 @19200 to my pc, running XP Pro SP3 and VWS 12.08p11. This is mostly a very stable and reliable set up - which is why I have not changed versions of VWS (since nothing regarding my station has changed since this version).

However - twice each year I have to shut everything down to reset the clock in the WR-25, and fix VWS's databases.

I have asked Ed before (and gotten no response- I suppose because Tx Wx stations are a distinct minority of VWS users), as well as the folks at Tx Wx for a simple solution to this annoying problem.

What I am asking for here is whether anyone else who uses as Texas Weather Instruments machine has a command utility that just synchs the WR-25 clock to the pc clock.

I know you can use TWI_Log, but this has no commmand line parameters, and so cannot be used in a batch file or as a scheduled task. TWICal - a Windows based program written in VB, won't work with my old WR-25, and won't run a a scheduled task either.

Surely SOMEBODY else out there has found a clever way to fix this - after all - it's not like we are try to repair a Space Shuttle or anything  ](*,)