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Title: Significant undercatch
Post by: ggsteve on July 28, 2018, 09:58:43 AM
In normal rains my two Rainwise tipping buckets are always within 10% of my Cocorahs gauge, usually within a tip or two.  This week has been somewhat extraordinary with at least two torrential tropical downpours and many periods of moderate to heavy rain.  During the torrential storms, I had better than 15% undercatch.  The Rainwise gauges registered 1.56 and 1.58 inches respectively.  The Cocorahs gauge captured 1.87 inches.  The Rainwise recorded 1.25 inches of rain in an hour last night, so it was pretty heavy rain.  Is the just me, a Rainwise thing, or do other brands suffer from this too.  I guess I should point out that my Bloomsky only recorded 1.0 inches during the same period and it's usually pretty good.
Title: Re: Significant undercatch
Post by: Stormtracker on August 16, 2018, 01:05:22 PM
Almost without exception, my tipping bucket gauges undercatch my CoCoRAHS gauge.  One exception seems to be extremely heavy down pours.  I have noticed outlandish rainfall rates on the Davis gauges during our Louisiana drenchers.  I suspect that for a few moments, at the peak of the rainfall, they are double-clicking.