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Title: BTHR918N Pressure Mod (WMR928N)
Post by: Tempest on April 02, 2018, 08:25:23 PM

I am looking for a mod/fix for the BTHR918N indoor baro/hydro/temp sensor for the WMR928N weather station (also provided with the WMR968N I believe).  The current reading I have is consistently 11mbar out, which is outside the original spec of the sensor.  I believe the required adjustment can be achieved by replacing an internal resistor but I have yet to be able to locate which one.  Anyone familiar with internal circuitry of this three-in-one sensor with a knowledge of electronics would probably have no problem in working this out without too much effort.  I have traced the tracks and drawn up the circuitry leading back from the baro sensor to the MPU and changed the two resistors that are in series but I did not see a significant change in the value displayed on the unit's LCD screen.

Any help greatly appreciated.