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Title: New ferrite antenna for System Blue
Post by: NE5U on March 31, 2017, 07:13:36 PM
My System Blue is assembled and has been tested. I started assembling my two ferrite antenna's today. Before I glue everything up and make it weathertight I thought I would put the antenna here and see if there is a problem with what I've done.

All 3/4" PVC. The vertical and horizontal ports on the tee have a piece of 3/4" pipe installed as a bushing. I wrapped the ferrite rods with electrical tape (blue of course) just to the point where they resist being inserted into the bushing. I will either use 5 minute epoxy or RTV on the transition between the rods, tape, and PVC.

The lower section contains an F style union. It's too short to use a nut so I am considering epoxying it to the plug that I drilled out (letter U drill size) to accept the F style connector. This is the least favorite area of the build for the following reasons:

(1) It seems like the amplifier should be on the antenna end. That's easily done with some larger PVC and a bushing. Thoughts?
(2) Instead of using a bushing perhaps I should us a union so I can get to the board for service?