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Title: VP2 rain vs. CocoRaHS and NovaLynx
Post by: miraculon on July 24, 2016, 08:45:30 AM
Today's rain result shows a good correlation between the VP2 rain collector and the CoCoRaHS gauge.

Both show 0.42". The NovaLynx indicates 0.44". (I would call this within range)

The rain fall was quite heavy reaching the "It's raining cats and dogs" level at about 6.26 in/hr.  :shock:

Winds were light at <3mph and from the South. The known rain shadow is SE. The rain appeared to be coming straight down.

I post this, because I wanted to give an example of why it might not be wise to tamper with the stop screws and re-calibrate the gauge in all cases. There are other factors at play that can affect the amount indicated.

For what it's worth, I cleaned the cone interior and bucket surfaces well and treated them with Plexus plastic polish. The thinking here was the dirty tipping buckets were not shedding the water fast enough.

Greg H.