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Title: Bloomsky and Range Extenders
Post by: VaJim on February 15, 2016, 08:04:13 PM
I wanted to start up a new topic to provide an update to my RE woes.

As I stated in the original thread, I was able to rename the RE name(s) to match the main router.  This seem to work for a few days then I started to notice problems with some of my other wireless devices.  My wife keeps reminding me I have too many electronics, meaning wireless devices.

So today I decided to go back to just the main router and get everything stabilized.  Once that was done I decided to try the RE again.  This time when I did the setup on it, when I got to the naming box, I chose a simple name (still different that the main router) but this time with no _ (under-scores).  Not sure if that's what was causing the problem earlier, but I figured it was worth a try since I had gone this far.  Also, this time since I now had the Bloomsky app on my IPAD, I decided to try the setup there.  I'm using a new Bloomsky.  This time it worked fine.  So now the new Bloomsky, running through the RE is out on the deck and the RE is just inside the door.  About 10 feet.  Tomorrow I'll see how the RE Bloomsky does compared to my other.

Here's the RE Bloomsky:


One other thing I noticed is that your Bloomsky shows up as one of your Bloomskys based on what deviced you installed it in.  This is if your viewing on an IPAD or phone.  My new one is not showing up on the Bloomsky dashboard portal.

If the RE provides a better connection then I have to figure out how to connect the other Bloomsky over to the RE.