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Title: Some Possibly Useful Scripts
Post by: jmcmurry on June 13, 2014, 06:04:41 PM
http://jimmcmurry.com/logGains.zip (http://jimmcmurry.com/logGains.zip)  This script will create a log entry whenever there is a status or gain change in your system.  It's good to see what happened while you were sleeping or off to the grocery store.  You can log a comment (see the attached image) and optionally have the script send you an email after xx minutes of "non running" status and not send you another until xx minutes more have passed.  See the comments at the top of the script for details.

The next two should be run from my server since I'm already caching the data, and because there is maintenance necessary whenever a new station is added.  If you need the code, just PM me.

http://jimmcmurry.com/allGains.php (http://jimmcmurry.com/allGains.php) was mentioned in another thread, but I'll also put it here so it's easy to find.  The script shows the gains and status of all active Region 3 stations.  It's useful to see what might be working for other stations.

http://jimmcmurry.com/show_strokes.php?s=934&t=60&tz=America/Chicago (http://jimmcmurry.com/show_strokes.php?s=934&t=60&tz=America/Chicago) shows all the strokes in Region 3 during the last xx minutes and highlights the ones that your station missed.  There's more, so click the Information icon at the top for details.

Please let me know if you have problems with any of these and I'll fix things up if I can.

- Jim
Title: Re: Some Possibly Useful Scripts
Post by: jmcmurry on June 15, 2014, 08:04:37 AM
If anyone is using the logging script, please download a new copy to get ver. 1.1 because I found a logic error in the mail sending portion.

Sorry.  - Jim