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Title: New VP2 Console Display Using VWS & ImageSalsa
Post by: wxtech on August 08, 2011, 10:03:42 AM
Several years ago, I had an image of the VP2 console with weather data overlaid.  Today, I rebuilding that display.  When the VP2 console is finished, I'll add an image of the NWS Nimbus Max/Min console with the current temperature overlaid.
Here is a link to the image of the work in progress:  http://www.lexingtonwx.com/assets/images/VP2console.jpg (http://www.lexingtonwx.com/assets/images/VP2console.jpg)  This image is updated by ImageSalsa and VWS once each minute.
This is the VP2 console image with no data overlaid.  http://www.lexingtonwx.com/assets/images/VP2_600.jpg (http://www.lexingtonwx.com/assets/images/VP2_600.jpg)