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MeteoShield + Froggit setup
« on: February 22, 2021, 11:21:45 AM »
Finally got a MeteoShield Pro at the start of the winter and it has worked like a charm with the Ecowitt WH32-EP within it.

Seems to be in the range of the local weather station at Manston too on most days, lower at points which did surprise me even on fully sunny days. Pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when I had my most substantial snowfall at 12 cm (mediocre compared to elsewhere) since February 2012. The shield is facing west, Froggit sensor ofc facing North so the sun is equal on both. It'll be interesting to see the differences in summer but the differences between Froggit & MeteoShield have been 0.4c at times.

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MeteoShield + Froggit WU ID:

Froggit WH4000
MeteoShield Professional
Ecowitt WH32-EP
Ecowitt WH51
Ecowitt GW1000