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I have had some issues trying to import Davis WLK files into WD.
I don't know if the Whole issue is this:
Note: If importing current month, it will add onto your existing log file (so go back up your logfile first, then swap the old/new data)
Note: Once the logfile has been created, then convert the log file to data file.

I'm sorry but I'm lost I have no idea what to do.

Next in red below:
It is a .wlk monthly (binary file (recommended method), and then select the .wlk file, then click on import this file.

I don't know if this Applies?

Can someone help me PLEASE.


You might want to post your question(s) re: importing .wlk files at the weather-watch forum

There are people there who may have the answers to your questions and problem(s).

I tried but didn't get a reply.



--- Quote from: jrodriguez6 on June 02, 2023, 09:23:13 PM ---I tried but didn't get a reply.


--- End quote ---

Have you tried to email Brian the author of Weather Display?


I'm a 72 year old, retired USAF SMSgt. I learned early in my career to go to the source if you want to get the right answer.
I have been with Weather Display since Cumulus stopped working the old way.
I have only had one problem with Weather Display and that is missing data days.
I have a Davis Vantage Pro2 wifi. That has been inoperation since 2018. Connected with Davis WeatherlinkIP. I think my data problem begins with the IP transmission.
All my data shows up in the Weatherlink Windows Software. I verify that in the reports section of Weatherlink.
But In WD there are months have 2- 5 days missing. the Days that are 0.--- you cannot update. or correct. I made sure the data is in Weatherlink *.wlk files.
I have been asking Brian since I purchased the WD software for a way to correct my data. He Explains how to do correct the issue in Professional or Expect Terms.
I'm sorry but I have asked him to expain in simpler terms but he has stopped repling to my request on the email side.
I don't know why because I have looked on the WD Fourm with other people he is very informative.
It's a shame because the WD program is great I recommend to others. But, I just can't one issue fixed on my end.
Thanks Again Kevin



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