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IP camera for interior use that can FTP images on a timed basis


Can anyone point me to an IP camera/webcam that can FTP images at 1080 to an FTP Server on a timed basis e.g. 1 image every 60 seconds etc. Even better if someone has made a list of webcams somwhere that can do this. It needs to be a standalone unit as it will not be attached to a PC etc.
It seems difficult to glean from manuals whether a model can do this - now we are in the age of the cloud etc. It is so I can post to my weather website.
Just for interior use (sited at a window) so does not need weather proofing and hoping to spend no more than $100/80 max (actually based in UK).
FYI I currently use an Amcrest webcam but it is rather old and the image is not very good.


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