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Windows 11 Mic Input for Wx Radio

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--- Quote from: colonieweather on December 22, 2022, 06:32:47 AM ---I think it might be a driver problem?  The splitter I purchased from Amazon is not being recognized.  My privacy settings look good.  I don't see anything in device manager. I just see the default audio that came with the PC under sounds, video and game controllers and that's enabled.

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Is there an alternative to audio cable? Usb tends to be less finicky , I am not familiar with the things you are linking

Just a thought, maybe it all needs to be connected before the system sees it.. 

I did find a USB to microphone adapter that has its own sound card.

Maybe this will help?  I have no idea.  I'm so used to plug-and-play, and things work.  No sure why PC would come without a mic jack.

My NOAA stream may be forced into retirement.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!

Garth Bock:
Go to and look up the manual. The jack in the back (Green) is for speakers. That has always been the standard color. Your mic/headphone jack is on the front. That splitter you bought won't work. Dell did have some Optiplex models that had the rear jack as an either/or....plug in speakers and the Dell would detect speakers...plug in the mic and the Dell would detect a mic. Same for the front jack. Originally the speaker (green) and Mic (Red) were in the rear.

Yours is a Speaker rear and Mic/Headphone front jacks. Go to the link below and click on Front, Back and Back Panel.

Thanks for the info.  So, I would need to plug in the weather radio's earphone jack to the front of the PC. 

Using a TRRS Aux cable that has mic capabilities. ( 

I'm using a TRS cable... for some reason it worked with my old PC. 

Also, would that USB to mic adapter that I provided in a previous post work?


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