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Windows 11 Mic Input for Wx Radio

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--- Quote from: Garth Bock on December 22, 2022, 01:14:19 PM ---I think this is what you need. The device has to plugged in before you can do any changes...

    Select Start > Settings > System > Sound.
    In Input, go to Choose a device for speaking or recording, and select the device you want.
    To test your microphone, speak into it. In Volume, make sure the blue bar moves to make sure Windows hears you.

Hope this helps. bought it at BB ? I hope the Kiddies didn't force you to buy their Extended Warranty. Waste of money. I am not really welcome at BB because last year I over heard one of the BB Kiddies tell an older couple that they needed a Microsoft login to make Win10 work.....I interrupted (yeah couldn't help myself) and showed how Win10 works just fine without a logon. Later the couple had me come by their house and tune up the computer by turning off all the reporting crap and removing the bloatware that you can't deinstall from the app menu using Powershell. They paid me $200. Then back in the summer I was looking at Laser Printers there and overheard again a BB Kiddie trying to oversell a couple on a new printer. They told him they would think about it and he walked away. I went over and asked what was wrong with their old printer. First they needed to have a fax ability which most AIO's have and second the printer quit printing.....but still made copies. (yeah..what?). I told them it was probably a printer driver problem. Once again I got invited over to a very huge house. Took me about 5 minutes to reinstall the printer drivers and then set it up to print from their laptop wirelessly. Saved them from blowing money on a printer. They paid me $100 in cash. There are a lot of very wealthy people living around Branson that need computer help.

--- End quote ---

No, no. No extended warranties for me either. Bought it online, picked it up and walked out.

If the front jack is a "headset" jack (headset = headphones + mic), there are splitters that can go from separate TRS mic + headphones connections to the single TRRS connector of the headset jack.

Additionally, you might need to have the Waves MaxxAudio Pro (or other Dell audio software as listed on their Downloads page for your computer) installed from Dell. That software will usually prompt when something is plugged into the jack, asking what you connected. It will then adjust settings as needed to accommodate what you connected.


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