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--- Quote from: ocala on September 26, 2022, 08:52:15 PM ---Yeah the surge could be real bad.
I have people coming to my house because they are in a evacuation zone in Tampa.

--- End quote ---
I think I heard that the water is quite shallow up the coast. If so, just makes it worse.


--- Quote from: ocala on September 26, 2022, 05:38:35 PM ---My location is the flag on the map.

--- End quote ---

Anyone who has made multiple treks up and down I-75 knows where Ocala is!  :grin:

Hope all goes well to all those in the path of Ian.:shock:  If anyone is leaving their station up, it would be interesting  to chart this thing's approach (if the WS survives and you still have power!)

Stay safe everyone.  Hopefully it will miss you!  [tup]

Wow! Ian exploded just before slamming Cuba. Amazing rapid intensification with the CDO so quickly evolving.

From a loose collection to sharp eye right over Cuba. It must be howling there now!

Seeing the aftermath of a Deroche that hit near here seemed to sharpen my imagination of what it must be like to get hit by such wind forces.

I heard comments that Ian may move quite slowly once near the peninsula.


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