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The latest I'm seeing is that Ian wants to come across FL and get back in the ocean for a time before turning back into SC near Charleston. Any opinions?

I haven't seen any long term guidance, but the trough over the Great Lakes will be the deciding factor, which doesn't look to sag much further south. So, will it push it out to sea, or will it not be as influential and allow Ian to make landfall again. Sea surface temps will obviously not be a factor, but less favorable upper support may be. Looks kinda 50/50 to me. My 2 cents.

I am almost out of the cone.
Going to be a nothing burger here. :roll:

Who knows, maybe you'll get to dodge an EF0 or 1... ;)


--- Quote from: CW2274 on September 27, 2022, 11:17:00 PM ---Who knows, maybe you'll get to dodge an EF0 or 1... ;)

--- End quote ---
Generally speaking the right front quadrant of TC's is where the T's usually form. I will be on the north side. Certainly not out of the question but not as common.


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