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Jasiu / JJ:
Florida peeps: Stay safe!!

If you have time, let us know what's happening, what preps you are doing, etc.

Surge appears to be the big issue with this one.

I am in Vermont at the moment. Heading home tomorrow. Hopefully the flight doesn't get cancelled.
Latest track takes it about 45 miles to my west as a Cat 1. My location is the flag on the map.
Looks like it's going to be a fun Wednesday and Thursday.
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Looking at the guidance, there is a lot still up in the air on this one.

Weather person I heard this evening commented how the surge will be a big concern no matter the exact track. Storm surge did some amazing damage in Port aux Basques NL

Yeah the surge could be real bad.
I have people coming to my house because they are in a evacuation zone in Tampa.


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