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What is "heavy rain"?

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Wondering if my new Davis Instruments Aero Cone is giving false readings or if the old one just never properly accounted for our wind conditions here. I don't recall (and don't have access to historical records) what previous amounts were, but last week I got over 3" rain rate and today 5.76". Is that even possible?

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Very possible. Tropical systems in particular will easily dump this much rain.

"Heavy rain" is typically over 2mm /minute but certainly possible to have higher intensity periods in between "heavy rain" which is what Davis measures being the rate the bucket is tipping as opposed to total rain recorded over the hour   

Likewise, what is “raining cats and dogs”?


--- Quote from: hofpwx on September 20, 2022, 12:54:55 AM ---Likewise, what is “raining cats and dogs”?

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It's Davis's attempt at weather humor. When the rain rate reaches, I believe, 0.30" per hour, this pops up in the ticker display.


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