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Was there a Monsoon Season compilation this year?

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--- Quote from: DaleReid on September 14, 2022, 01:17:26 PM ---Found it!
I went to an 'old' computer and did a bit of fiddling with book marks and found the photographer's name.

Mike Olbinski, and on Utube if you look for Monsoon IV, which should be here: , you'll get a compilation.

At about 2 minutes in, there are several examples of the single cell with rain columns coming down out of the cloud, which to me is a fascinating things because most of the time I have no long-range view of the horizon, and the cells are all strung together into a line or a storm system.

I haven't had a chance to look further, but this may help others recall and actually see some impressive time lapse and lightning photography of these types of storms.

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Matt A
3 years ago (edited)
Absolutely magnificent! I have never seen better film footage than that. you can actually feel the wildness of the storm coming across on the video. That video is a perfect, I love the blue sky alot.


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