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You can now upload to Windy

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Windy is now allowing PWS data!

Looks like they already ingest MADIS/CWOP data.

Windy is saying that they will take and display data every 5 minutes. Currently CWOP/MADIS can be delayed over 10 minutes. So perhaps there is a benefit to still sending them data directly.

UPDATE: Yes data is now more timely uploading directly. I'm seeing my data on Windy every 5 minutes instead of up to 10 minutes delayed with my MADIS data.
I am hopeing that it integrates to meteohub or meteobridge. I see where this could be beneficial. To start with galfery makes a good point.

Me too. I already sent an email reminder to Boris today. Told him to expect to be innundated with requests. I have my Windy station ID and API key ready to go.

Boris has already said he would do it (or rather he was interested) and has been in contact with Windy.


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