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Hi all!  I was hoping to get some input from you regarding our upcoming Podcast show (recording Thurs night 6/30).  We are having guests on to discuss their role managing their county or metro area SKYWARN networks.  What questions would you want to ask or, because we are a podcast designed for the amateur weather/storm fan, what questions do you think average people would want to know answers to?  I appreciate your help!
-Phil Johnson
Twitter @philstormpod

Our special SKYWARN spotter and radio episode (Episode 4) is now out and available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and  We have Ian Enterline N3UVV firefighter and SKYWARN Manager in Richmond VA along with Warning Coordination Meteorologist Todd Krause from NWS-Twin Cities MN.  I wanted to thank KB4MTO for submitting a question we used on the show!  Always open to other ideas from the wx community for show topics or guests!


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