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« on: May 09, 2016, 07:09:34 AM »
1st, if you're new or thinking about Blitzortung, remember this is NOT a 'plug'n'play' system. These stations are NOT 'stand-alone' warning or local, private lightning detectors. Each is part of a network with stations working together. Some background in lightning theory, a bit of technical background, some other skills are needed. This miniaturized platform will not tolerate poor soldering skills...   Having said that... enthusiasm, interest, patience, and willingness to 'follow directions' and ask for help, can result in outstanding station performance, as RED has proven with many operators of less technical background. There are many operators with varying degrees of experience and knowledge who'll go out of their way to 'pull you through' if you're willing, and not a 'natural', so to speak  :-)

Monitor this thread on for availability...then follow instructions when the hardware is announced as ready. Currently, there is a slight production delay because of a few SMD parts availability.

The Basic Blue System, will come with a small number of larger parts that must be soldered appropriately, with orientation critical for a few. The System WILL NOT come with H field antennas, or E field probe,  GPS antenna, or 5v USB power supply(don't scrimp on that PS--cheapos will cause issues), or coax/RJ45 cables. We'll offer suggestions later for some sources... we all have our favorites.
I would suggest ordering The Basic Blue as described with Items 1-18 on the current parts list rather than wander around trying to obtain and match some of the components.

Personally, I would suggest NOT ordering the filter IC or SMA options, simply because most folks just won't need them, or use them. Get the system operating and decide later. Greg H hooked into a good price source for those IC's, and a pack of 10 SMAs is available for about $8.50 -- or less.

The H preamplifier will come configured for Ferrite Antennas... if you plan on other loop types, follow the instructions relating to the jumpers.

Initial Instructions for System Blue Assembly (When distribution begins)

You will find that much of the experience and tips relating to the System Red operation, trouble-shooting, etc., threads are applicable for BLUE, in general.

For complete network description, lightning detection, and other info, refer to the RED system Manual