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Unanticpated conditions create unforeseen consequences


Since the last time I posted, we've added several new stations, including one at a cottage in the islands of Ontario north of Lake Huron. It's an 8 mile boat ride from the cottage to the nearest road.

This time of year the cottage is snowed and iced in.

Lately we've been getting screwy readings from the station when it gets cold, and then the server stops accepting updates. I did a little sleuthing this afternoon, and found that when the indoor temp dropped below 10, in the data string, the Data Hub was send a space before the 9, where the 1 would be in 10 degrees. That was enough to confuse the parsing script on the server.

My web guy put in a hack to make it work unitl the site owner can get in there in the spring and swap the data hub.

My firmware guy sent me a patched firmware load. I'm testing it right now, on a console I stuck in the freezer...

It works!

Who would have thought a user would have a console indoors where it could reach < 10F? :)

Try 20 an 30 below. The old wmr 200 kept working tho. It recorded to mini lap top till it was stolen.


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