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Back on the 18th, PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey and I installed a solar/cellular WeatherElement WeatherLab on a PG&E telecommunications site in the Los Padres National Forest. It's at 2,620' about 4 miles NE of San Luis Obispo. Technically, it's not a new station, but one I had to move from Tassajara Peak about 8.5 miles to the NW. I had a dispute with my landlords up there over whether the station was covered by my lease. It was easier to move it than argue.

Yesterday, (Sept 28th) John wrote about it in his weekly column in the local paper.

Photo courtesy The Tribune and John Lindsey.

Old Tele man:

Thanks! I just found out PG&E republished the column in their PG&E Currents newsletter as well...

And I had a call from John this morning. If you read the entire column, he mentioned...

--- Quote ---If you would like to participate in a “Weather Watchers” tour of Diablo Canyon Power Plant and lands, which will include atmospheric and oceanographic instrumentation used for weather forecasting and other interesting weather information, please email me at to register.

These tours will be offered Oct. 22 and 29. The tour will start at 9 a.m. at the PG&E Energy Education Center and will finish by noon.

--- End quote ---

He said he's already had over 100 calls and emails about the tours! I guess I should sign up for one, eh? :)


Congrats -  =D>

Now you'll have to install a Blitzortung system up there too...  :lol:


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