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Here is the Link to the Latest VWS updates...(beta)


W Thomas:
I have a quick question I asked at the other location but didn't ever get around to following up on..
I seriously plan on a station upgrade sometime in the near future. I have planed for this before and something has always cropped up to squash it but maybe the third time is the charm LOL!!!

Anyway the version I an currently running now is primarily for the OS stations which is what I have currently. I would most likely need an upgrade to address some VP2 issues that have been fixed BUT will the update over write all the modifications already made
to the files for web page publication?? Stupid question I know but I have yet to have a need to upgrade and I am not at all sure what to expect from the process.

I honestly hope I get the need to do this upgrade soon if you catch my drift LOL!




What version are you planning to upgrade from?  I went from a OS station to a Davis WM II without issue.  I don't think there will be any issue for you.  Your pages should all be able to be used as is.  I would back up the entire VWS directory just the same.

Mark / Ohio:
Just wanted to note here that I found one of the fixes in V14.00p37 and newer is one that applies to many of us with web pages displaying warnings.   8-)

"# P37. The warning tag was displaying the last warning in the list. It now displays the first warning in the list."

Sounds like this should get a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning to display first if there also happens to be a watch that was issued at an earlier time.  Previous versions would have shown the watch and then the warning.

There's been no severe weather around here yet for me to test it though.


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