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Florida Automated Weather Station
« on: July 05, 2024, 01:23:00 PM »
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I've been working with a friend down in Florida setting up his own automated weather station in our unofficial network. Pictured here is the station CSP002 just about put together.

This site has been a testbed for a standardized system I've been exploring. Despite the many issues we have had regarding data throughput stability, it looks as though things are just about ironed out.

CSP002 Site Info

Along with this particular station architecture, I revisited the remote display idea I've had for quite some time. Given the data for each AWS are uploaded to an SQL database table, I wrote a python script that retrieves the latest entry and outputs a serial string to the 26700. From there the user can program and format each screen to their desired use case. The pictured display is showing data from CSP002 which is over 850 miles away from my current location.

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Another unintentional feature of this that I want to explore is pulling data from multiple tables and displaying multiple stations on a single display for at a glance comparison. Once I finally install my own personal station TRX001, I look to experiment with this idea.

It's almost comedically novel how well antiquated equipment works if you know how to re-use it.

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