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If you need a reference barometer, I can highly recommend the Starpath USB Baro.
As discussed here:

I just bought one yesterday!

Greetings from Starpath School of Navigation in Seattle.
Thank you very much for your Internet order of:

1 item 103USB, USB Barometer ..... $49.00, wt: 0.5
The total of all items was: $49.00
Shipping: $7.16 for total wt: 0.5 lbs.
Method: Standard
The total charge was: $56.16
What a price for such an accurate sensor.
Try reading this. It has plenty of good info about Ecowitt products:
I was using rechargeable batteries in the barometer. They were fully charged and worked fine in other devices, but I switched them out for some lithium batteries and the barometer just started working.

I was trying to justify getting a Fischer to my wife, so I showed her the barometer wouldn't react when I tried to calibrate it and it just started working...

It's been right on for the last couple of days now.

If you need a reference barometer, I can highly recommend the Starpath USB Baro.
As discussed here:
I used a square wooden pole stained to match the wood on my house and a short piece of round tube on the end which some curves cut out on the bottom - Ive since had to add a ss jubilee clip as the plastic cracked but its ok now. Also replaced the original u bolt and nuts with ss ones to make it look better.....oh and also sprayed the bracket white to make that look nicer too...;topic=43659.0;attach=53022;image
Your idea of "aesthetic" may be different than mine :lol: but white PVC pipe is another option, say 1.5" pipe. One could use pipe clamps to secure the pipe vertically  to a deck post.
You can clean off the lettering imprinted on the pipe with a solvent. I'd try with Isopropyl alcohol first.
Yes you can upgrade to the latest firmware.  And you should be able to do it over the air by checking the firmware button on the right side of the screen there.  The "screen" console firmware between the Ambient and Ecowitt are identical.  The WiFi versions are slightly different, with one saying Ambient and the other listed as EasyWeather.  The "PRO" on the WiFi (EasyWeatherPro, AmbientWeatherPro) are for the newer WiFI chipsets.  And yes the previous AmbientWeather (not pro) version was 4.x. the Pro is 5.x.

In order to obtain console firmware updates over the air, you need to upgrade to 1.9.5.  So, follow the instructions for installing 1.9.7 on the SD card.  You can already obtain WiFi updates over the air.
I think he means the power supply transformer itself was bad and just replaced it with a USB cord and brick.  Stock power supplies are not USB.

Did not buy a replacement brick as i already have quite a few anker usb bricks throughout my house that work real well (the one im using for the WX station has 4 ports and powers other devices while powering the WX station, saving me room on the power strip).
well good news to report. USB to 3.5mm power connector cords were delivered and i plugged one into my display. it started right up. so the power supply was indeed bad. seems Ambient must have a bad batch of these and should look into this....

So you resolved the issue with a replacement cord and barrel connector? The transformer block was okay?

Having the same issue.


Not quite. I resolved the issue with a USB to barrel connector power cord, powering it with an anker USB power brick. See the link i posted in my previous comment. This new cord is actually better because i can power it with any USB power adapter instead of the factory wall wart.

The original power supply (wall wart/transformer with cord and barrel connector) mustve been bad even though it shows 5v under zero load

I must admit that I am somewhat confused concerning firmware versions of Ambient Weather and Ecowitt consoles, even after reading the 'must read' section.  I've purchased a new Ambient Weather WS-2000, and was going to update the firmware.  I was surprised to find V1.9.3, as Ambient only offers firmware up to 1.9.0.  It's obviously got the Ecowitt firmware, which I see is up to version V1.9.7, with what looks like many bug fixes.  Question is,can I update my console with the latest and greatest Pro_V1.9.7 Ecowitt firmware?
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