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Good day , i have got  inquiry why doesn't go send over  ftp data with programe Heavy Weather Publisher in  Windows 7 . Writes that is problem with kompaktibilite. Has it got any solutions . Thank you behind help and reply.  :-(

Heavyweather will run in Vista 32/64 so I see no reason why it should not work in Windows 7.  Have tried to  run it in "Compatibility Mode"?

You are saing that the program HWP should be functioning under Windows 7. I install it, it showing the values, but it does not sending data via FTP on web. I tried the program on other PC with Windows 7 with the same results. It is runnig o.k under Windows XP. I also tried to run this program with compatability for Win XP or Vista (properties→kompatability→ Win XP), but it is saying that program is not compatible. This problem occured when i switch from XP to Windows 7.

Thank You for your help.

Offiicially, according to the owner's webpage, it is not (yet) Windows & compatible.  I do not have a copy but fail to understand why it  would not work in Compatibility mode, especially since it runs in Vista 32/64.  If it is only the FTP portion that is not working have you tried another FTP client to see if there is something else blocking FTP transfers?

Anotehr option would be to get a VM from and run XP in the VM and use your  weather software from there.

hi nothing helped the program is still not working


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