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Purple Air Sensor ID for Saratoga Wx Script?

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Wondering where to find the sensor ID for my PurpleAir Flex Air Quality Monitor for Ken's purpleair-inc.php script.

My sensor is set up and is displayed on the PurpleAir map (

I created a set of PurpleAir API keys here: (Previous topics indicated that you needed to email PurpleAir to get API keys, but you now get them directly).

After getting my API keys, I entered the read key into Ken's purpleair-inc.php script. However, I don't know where to find my sensor ID. Can anyone advise me on how to find it?

Actually click on your station on the map.  Look at the URL link.  You will see a "select" statement in the link.  That 6 digit number should be your SensorID.

Looks like 183111 is your ID, if I clicked on the right station.

Thanks and yes, you clicked the correct station.

I would've expected that PurpleAir would have included the station id in their registration verification email they sent me. I would not have figured out that it was embedded in the URL.

Unfortunately, is still returning "No data from Purpleair - check Sensor ID/API key" even though I entered the sensor ID and API key in the purpleair-inc.php file. I must be doing something wrong. I'll have to play with it over the weekend.


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