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I also use a Tempest as my primary device at home! It's great. I don't know what other alternative pressure I'd use other than the "station" pressure. Are you saying that the pressure number hasn't updated since the first time you ran the script? So now, the number you see in the Tempest app doesn't match what you're seeing in the destination(s) services you've selected?

I'm learning a lot about different pressure measurements offered up by the Tempest API!,-pressure,-and-altimeter!/observations/getStationObservation

Alright! I see now. The Tempest data source should have been (but wasn't) pulling the adjusted barometric pressure for sea level. I think that the latest version, v2.3.3, should fix this. I just confirmed that I've been sending incorrect pressure readings to CWOP relative to what they expect for my area... since I first started contributing a few weeks ago :shock:. Give 'er a shot and let me know how it goes, and thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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