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PMS5003. Raspberry Pi 3 "PMS5003 Read Timeout:


This is just for informationn:

I had a PMS5003 running successfully on a raspberry Pi 4 for a few days while I tested it.  I then felt I needed to move it to a more suitable position so I connected it to a raspberry Pi 3 which I could place in a better location. 

This failed with the following message :

--- Code: ---"PMS5003 Read Timeout: Failed to read start of frame byte")
and alternatively
"PMS5003 Read Timeout: Could not find start of frame")

--- End code ---

Searching for these errors on the web gave me several hits but none of them gave a successful fix.  After sometime spent fiddling with the library code and not achieving anything I decided  to try something radical.   The wiring was the same for the Pi 3 as I had for the Pi 4 so I decided to switch the TX and RX cables around  and low and behold it all burst into life.   Obviously this may not work for every one but I thought this option should be out there for others to try.



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