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Can i get some input on a question?

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That's a good point about home server security - you have to be vigilant. I've followed all the Synology guidelines for hosting a website securely on my NAS and keep the software current. Ironically, Synology issued an OS update just yesterday!

I have several VP2 Consoles running with data loggers. My main site is with the Weather34 Template.

I have them hosted through ICD Soft. They were VERY, VERY helpful and patient with answers to some niggly bits that were stopping it from running.

Using the instructions that the template makers have and resources (much gleaned with Google) I did it with no previous knowledge. The templates do the heavy lifting for you and I have a basic site with two templates running. W34 and a Cumulus page.

There are many ways to upload. The W34 only uses a small bit of code in a Meteobridge.  The device does the rest of the work from your end. It is ready-coded with the function. Send this data to your template on your site. You can do a zillion things above that too.

The loggers that you can put in a console have many built in upload functions also. Some are Dead-Easy.

I took the hard path. When I bought my first weather station I went and downloaded the FineOffset WH1080 USB "protocol" "documentation" (that thing really was garbage). When I upgraded to a Vantage Vue I went and downloaded the Vantage Vue/Pro2 serial protocol manual.

I had something going within a week (just working on it in my spare time), but matching all of the (interesting to me) features off-the-shelf solutions already have is a lot of work. But it also means that if I don't like how existing off-the-shelf solutions do something I'm free to do it differently.


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