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Microsferics Astrogenic and lorickweather must have suffered a massive outage.  Their systems has been down for over 48hrs now.  They were going to release another firmware for the v5 TCU release of the 2.x firmware and pow lights out.  Guess that one didn't work. Hope to see them soon....    :sad:

A major server crash has occurred.
Of course, Microsferics tries to get back online as soon as possible.


Hi Oebel,
Thanks for the update, hope Relko can work his magic soon [tup]


Unfortunately it is completely out of my control. The data center in US where I have all my web services hosted has been affected by "something". Every single server is down, not just the one I'm hosted on. I was assured all the data is backed up and safe, however they can restore only a limited number of web spaces at a time so the progress is very slow. I'm guessing a ransomware attack...

It is recovering I think. Now we can see the directory list. I hope it comes back online soon.


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