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--- Quote from: davidmc36 on August 07, 2021, 07:03:51 PM ---I renamed and changed password on my phones mobile Hotspot to match my home network.

If I need to take network down, devices connect to my phone and don't know what even happened.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the suggestion. That's a pretty smart idea! I'm going to adapt your idea and setup a dedicated Wi-Fi extender to serve only my weather station devices. I'll have the Wi-fi and 4G network SSID/password set identical (this will keep other household devices from auto-joining the 4G device and using up a lot of data).


--- Quote from: colemanmorris64 on August 07, 2021, 11:02:23 AM ---- With Skyroam's pay-as-you-go plan, I'd use 3GB of data a year (only $24/yr).

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Thanks for mentioning this. I'm investigating possible remote WxStn locations using 4G. Skyroam has one plan where you pay by the gig with no monthly fees.  I read somewhere that WeatherUndergound uses approximately 19MB a month, that's about 4.4 years per Gig. I'll have to go read all the fine print, it sounds too good to be true.

Let us know how your experiments go.

Hey everyone! So I'm in the process of attempting the weather setup mentioned above, with a few modifications.
- 27000 mAh 5V USB UPS power bank instead of a UPS system ($50). I've been running a GW1000, Meteobridge, and charging the 4G hotspot for over 24hours, and I'm only down 12%.
- Purchased a small Wifi Extender (2.4GHz only) to act as a the router for my weather network. ($15)
- Purchased a refurbished Skyroam Solis 1 (a 2.4GHz only model). I wanted the 2.4GHz-only model because I have read many comments about needing to disable 5GHz wifi in order for gateway connections. ($60)

I set up the Wifi Extender SSID/password identical to the Skyroam Solis 1 (unable to change the SSID/password of the Solis 1).

I'll start with the good:
- the GW1000 connects up easily to the Skyroam Solis 1, and reports to I had the GW1000 connected to the Wifi Extender, and when I unplugged the Wifi Extender, the GW1000 automatically connected to the Skyroam Solis 1.

I'm a bit perplexed with the behavior of the Meteobridge when connected to the Skyroam Solis 1.
- I had to setup the WLAN with the LAN connection of the Wifi Extender (entered the Skyroam SSID/password).
- While connected to the Wifi Extender, I completed the rest of the Meteobridge setup (station, location, etc.).
- I verified that the sensor information was present from the GW1000 in on the "Raw Sensor Data" tab, and transmitting to
With Meteobridge connected to Skyroam Solis 1.
- When I unplug the Wifi Extender and reboot the Meteobridge, it does successfully connect to the Solis 1.
- I'm able to talk/configure the Meteobridge through the link, and then through the remote URL.
- Despite all of the above working as planned, while connected to the Solis 1, the Weatherbridge receives no raw sensor data, and does not transmit anything to (all the while the GW1000's connection to the Solis 1 is sending fresh data to

This is throwing a monkey-wrench in my plan to use the Solis-connected Weatherbridge to upload to CWOP and other services. For now I'm back connected to the Wifi Extender, and the Weatherbridge is receiving raw sensor data just fine again. I'm not a networking guru, but there has to be something I'm missing here.

As long as GW1000 and Meteobridge are in the same WLAN (same class C IP range) and GW1000 has its IP fixed by the DHCP server (router) based on its MAC there should be no problem. Meteobridge will read data from there.

Thanks for the comment! It appears like I'm having trouble getting the static IP set on the GW1000. I'll do a little more research on how to set a static IP on that device. For now, I have the correct IP address set up for the GW1000 in Meteobride, and have managed to get it reporting, but that is only for as long as my cellular hotspot is stable.


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