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Station remains Offline


I have built a DIY station that I am trying to get online.  i'm sending the bare minimum data, temp, humidity and dew point but no data is displayed on web page and it remains OFFLINE.  Here is the string that is being sent. 

08:56:27.508 -> Data send OK
08:56:32.909 -> AT+CIPSEND=253
08:56:32.960 -> GET /weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?ID=KNELINCO456&PASSWORD=PASSWORD&tempf=70.36&dewptf=54.18&humidity=47.97&softwaretype=Arduino-ESP8266&action=updateraw&realtime=1&rtfreq=30/ HTTP/1.1
08:56:33.148 -> Host:
08:56:33.192 -> Connection: close

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Try adding &dateutc=now
Not sure if the order matters, but in case it does insert it after the password.

Looks like you are now uploading. Did adding the &dateutc=now parameter fix it? Or was it something else that fixed it?


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