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Davis AirLink vs. PurpleAir Accuracy

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Just picking up this topic - i have installed a Plantower sensor linked to a Raspberry Pi, next to the Davis and noting that that the Davis has much higher readings (screengrab attached) - if you then go and look at the purple air map vs the davis map, davis readings seem higher.

My Davis unit seems closely tied to the humidity (i know it affects the sensor) but the Pi Plantower less so.

I guess if you have two units you never truly know what the air quality is :)


Interesting comparison, have you other graphs made in lower humidity conditions?

Do you know which dust sensor is used by the airlink?

There is a pic of the internals over at the cumulus forum - with a post around the Plantower A003?

I've only had it running for a few days but the link to the humidity so far is very clear to see - i cant work out though why the Pi version (also a Plantower) does not follow suit though.

I know if you have multiple sensors then you never truly know what the correct reading is,  but i do have a suspicion that the Davis one (and thus the global map) is very dependent on humidity...


my airlink had been showing a constant 60-70 Epa for many weeks today I went out there and gave it a blast of condensed air (common air canister type used for  cleaning out PC equipment ) and below and hold 20 minutes later readings dropped considerably . I have noticed a particular trend to humidity in the past , Im located near the sea front so I kind of just put the observation to one side due to mostly saturated humidity but definitely a noticeable trend.

chart below reveals the rapid change down , I have nothing to compare it with outside apart from an indoor Nova Diy  SDS011 PM 2.5 kit I use .
so give it a good clean every few months ...

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I have a few test AirLinks (two indoors and one outdoors) since I work for AEM (now that Davis and Earth Networks are owned by AEM).

Here's my outdoor sensor:

I don't have a PurpleAir to compare it with. I also have the BreezoMeter app on my phone, so I could start comparing BreezoMeter with my AirLink.

I have the test AirLinks since I need to learn how to work across AEM companies (in addition to my Earth Networks work, I am doing some work across AEM family companies). We're also looking at some ways to use AirLink data at Earth Networks, hence another good reason for me to test one out.


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