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7. sensor battery status, values etc.:
this is a rather special and deep dive topic the common weather station user is often not very much interested in,
at least not in the details. Enough to see somewhere if a battery needs to be replaced or not (yet).

For those who want to go to the bottom of it, there are a few links below which can provide you with detailed information in this field

8. data flow between sensors, consoles, application software, weather services etc.:
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popular examples for templates are Weather34 (stand-alone or e.g. inside Meteobridge on Raspi), Meteotemplate,
CumulusMX default web site or pwsDashboard (which could also be a direct feed from a console or e.g. FOSHKplugin)

The Android app PWT (Personal Weather Tablet) is often used with the displayless consoles GW1x00, GW2000, WH2650
via their http custom server post (push) function to display their data on an (old or new) Andoid tablet.

9. Change Log:
(14-Nov-2020) added Froggit DP70 (=Ecowitt WH55)
(14-Nov-2020) updated sensor hierarchy (footnote 7)
(17-Nov-2020) included Watson as Fine Offset clone seller to footnote d and to the packages
(20-Nov-2020) added acronym scheme (source: Ecowitt)
(21-Nov-2020) updated table: added WS6006/WL6006 and updated footnote 10 on WS6006/WL6006 (source: Ecowitt)
(22-Nov-2020) added Ambient PM2.5 indoor (WH43) and WH31LA (WH55), updated HP3501 sensor compatibility, added Weather Network information
(23-Nov-2020) updated WL6006 info
(24-Nov-2020) added console clone models/brands and their frequencies
(25-Nov-2020) updated HP3501 sensors (with console firmware 1.6.9), added console/screen sizes, added firmware info
(03-Dec-2020) updated WiFi firmware version for Ecowitt and compatible
(07-Dec-2020) added WH31P (Ambient) to the matrix
(10-Dec-2020) added picture of newly released WH45 (release date 10-Dec-2020)
(26-Dec-2020) added picture for HP2551/WS-2000/WS5000 console display overview
(30-Dec-2020) marked WH32E for Ambient as "end-of-life" (exactly "end-of-support" as they have taken it off their portfolio)
(03-Jan-2021) added reference to related discussion thread
(03-Jan-2021) added remark regarding past 24 h rainfall display of the HP2551 console
(05-Jan-2021) added PanTech as another reseller brand in Australia (HP2551, HP2553 and extra sensors)
(13-Jan-2021) added Froggit DP30 water temperature sensor to the matrix
(17-Jan-2021) added Meteobridge/Weewx/CumulusMX/WeatherDisplay console support info
(22-Jan-2021) updated footnote 9 with the new WN30 (temperature only, waterproof probe, 3 m cable) sensor
(29-Jan-2021) updated firmware info for WIFI firmware 1.5.7 Ecowitt / 4.2.9 Ambient
(02-Feb-2021) update WS68 signal indicator in console pictogram overview - updated announcement for PM2.5 sensor cycling (1-4) in current position with next firmware version
(30-Jan-2021) added Tycon ProWeather TC3000WC (WH2350 Fnbe Offset clone) to the matrix
(02-Feb-2021) updated WS68 signal indicator position on console screen, announcement by Ecowitt to implement PM2.5 indicator (1-4, WH41/43) cycling with next firmware
(26-Feb-2021) added WH35 Leaf Moisture sensor (1-8) to the matrix - sensor already part of firmware 1.6.5
(27-Feb-2021) created a temporary warning regarding firmware 1.6.5 in the firmware section of the matrix footnotes
(02-Mar-2021) updated firmware 1.6.6 for GW1000 - FW 1.6.5 withdrawn, also for WH2650 => latest available FW for WH2650 is 1.6.3 (1.6.5 for early adopters - WH2650 users were not affected by the 1.6.5 side-effects on the GW1000 together with a WH32B - they have another side effect: loss of pressure/barometer data from WH32B)
(03-Mar-2021) moved firmware info into separate post (as the post is reaching its maximum number of characters [2000]); added picture of device list and console identifiers plus update pop-up
(12-Mar-2021) added information about WH2910C console and sensor data uploaded to - info on to-be-released FW 1.6.7
(19-Mar-2021) added information about beta-phase WN1900 "low-cost" weather station
(25-Mar-2021) added footnote for WH32B predecessor (WH25)
(27-Mar-2021) added info about firmware 1.7.1 for the HP2551 (and clone) console - main visible feature: WH41/53 PM2.5 sensors are now also scrolling on the main screen
(29-Mar-2021) added ChiliTec and DNT as FO clone resellers
(02-Apr-2021) added WN67 info to matrix
(07-Apr-2021) added info on WiFi firmware upgrade V1.5.8 claiming solving the following issues: 1. Optimize domain name resolution.;2. Optimize the uploading stability of custom servers
- for affected consoles see firmware post / section
(12-Apr-2021) updated HP2551 console info and pictogram
(22-Apr-2021) updated information regarding console firmware update (1.7.1 for HP2551, 1.6.7 for HP350x) and WiFi firmware V1.5.9 (claiming solving the same issues as V1.5.8: 1. Optimize domain name resolution.;2. Optimize the uploading stability of custom servers)
(30-Apr-2021) added WN30 multi-channel waterproof temperature sensor with external probe to the matrix
(10-May-2021) added DP250, the Froggit version of the WH45 5-in-1 indoor air quality sensor to the matrix
(13-May-2021) minor updates to the firmware section
(24-May-2021) added information in footnote 23 regarding the WN67 sensor array which looks similar to the WN14 array (but is different technology) which comes with FineOffset low cost stations, e.g. WH5300, Aercus 2085, Aercus 3085.
(27-May-2021) updated firmware information for GW1000/WH2650 - now V1.6.7
(01-Jun-2021) updated firmware information for GW1000/WH2650 - now V1.6.8
(03-Jun-2021) updated firmware information for HP2551 console - now V1.7.3 (fixes some bugs and may purge the text for the Indoor T/H(/P) sensor and replace the original text (usually "Indoor") by "WH32")
added info on how/where to fix the purge/replace issue in the console post
(04-Jun-2021) added footnote 24 on WH65/WS69 sensor arrays and BP0001 (external battery pack) compatibility
(01-Jul-2021) latest firmware V 1.6.9 for HP350x console released
(02-Jul-2021) latest firmware V 1.7.4 for HP2551/HP2553 (Froggit HP1000SE Pro, Watson 8686, .... see matrix for other clone brands) released
(07-Jul-2021) A number of WH31-EP sensors have been erroneously labeled WN37AS and have been shipped - they are still WH31-EP sensors.
(20-Jul-2021) latest WiFi firmware V1.6.0 for consoles HP2551, WS2320E, HP350x, WH2910 and non-Ambient clones of these consoles published
(21-Jul-2021) added the new GW1100 console with the WebUI configuration option to the matrix
(22-Jul-2021) latest console firmware V1.7.4 for Ambient WS-2000 and WS-5000 stations released
(24-Jul-2021) added ProTech WiFi gateway (GW1000 clone, 868 MHz) to the matrix
(25-Jul-2021) added firmware info for WS-2000/WS-5000 console: file name is factory.bin (whereas for HP2551 and clones it is user.bin)
(30-Jul-2021) added new CumulusMX V12 (3141) functionality - can now use all consoles/servers which post in Ecowitt protocol (e.g. custom server option) as station
(31-Jul-2021) WN34L, WN34S (1-8) and WN35 (1-8) sensors released
(05-Aug-2021) added the WH55 signal position to the HP2551 console pictogram
(06-Aug-2021) added info for WN1900 console features in footnote 21
(09-Aug-2020) Meteobridge application software now supports the WS2320E/Froggit WH4000SE WiFi/Misol WS-2320/ ELV WS980 WiFi, Steinberg sbs-ws-400 consoles
(13-Aug-2021) added GW1100 firmware information
(17-Aug-2021) added Ambient AQIN sensor (the equivalent to Ecowitt WH45 5-in-1 air quality sensor T/H/PM2.5,PM10,CO2)
(01-Sep-2021) added latest firmware (2.0.3) for GW1100 and update method
(09-Sep-2021) added Ambient latest WiFi firmware version 4.3.0 (issue date 07-Sep-2021)
(17-Sep-2021)  added Ambient latest WiFi firmware version 4.3.1 (issue date 13-Sep-2021)
(21-Sep-2021) added latest firmware (2.0.4) for GW1100
(28-Sep-2021) added Ecowitt latest console firmware for HP2551 V 1.7.6
(22-Oct-2021) added the description of the SensorsID submenu in the HP2551 console
(26-Oct-2021) updated WN1900 console info as the console/station is released meanwhile
(28-Oct-2021) added firmware change log for GW1100 V2.04, 2.05, 2.06 in firmware section
(30-Oct-2021) added Ambient WiFi firmware change to V 4.3.2
(03-Nov-2021) added the new WS90 all-in-one outdoor array (beta testing phase) and the WH31 with DCF77 support (868 MHz, Europe only)
(06-Nov-2021) added information about new Wittboy station (WS90 + GW2000) - footnote 27
(07-Nov-2021) added information that with firmware 1.7.6 the HP2551 console keeps last lightning strike time stamp over a reboot/restart
(14-Nov-2021) added change log for GW1100 firmware V2.0.7
(16-Nov-2021) added Ambient WS-5050 station (=WS-5000 without rain gauge)
(21-Nov-2021) added info about GW2000 (still in beta testing phase)
(02-Dec-2021) added info about GW1100 firmware update 2.0.8
(06-Dec-2021) added new WiFi firmware version 1.6.1 for the WH2910, WS2320E, HP2551, HP350x (clone) consoles
(14-Dec-2021) added info about Misol WS80 and Misol WH40 plus Froggit DP10(WN35), DP35 (WN34L) and DP150(WN34S)
(21-Dec-2021) added firmware 2.0.9 for GW1100
(31-Dec-2021) HP2551 console firmware 1.7.7 published; new: French language, a SD card symbol, WH45 temp/humidity cycles with Indoor and WH31 family sensors, WN34/35 viewable/displayed on main console page. Updated console picture and pictogram above, the WS90 7-in-1 outdoor array can be received (and readings displayed) - see sensors ID
(08-Jan-2022) added important sensor ID info to HP2551 console section (applies to GW1x00 and WH2650 too)
(13-Jan-2022) added info about a solar sensor filter in latest hardware revision of the WH65/WS69 array [footnote 24]
(15-Jan-2022) added WS90/GW2000 info in the footnotes where applicable
(03-Feb-2022) updated footnotes a, b with (re-)seller information
(13-Feb-2022) added 920 MHz sensor frequency for Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & South Korea (in addition to 433 MHz)
(27-Feb-2022) added country specific list of frequencies which can be legally used for the (low range) sensor transmission
(03-Mar-2022) added latest firmware info for the GW2000 hub/console/gateway, with special calibration option for the WS90 haptic rain sensor and possible synoptical WH40 and WS90 rain sensor view
(06-Mar-2022) pressing the central reboot button on the GW2000 longer than 10 seconds will now allow a factory reset of the console
(10-Mar-2022) added device firmware upgrade for HP2551 console (1.7.8)
(12-Mar-2022) added Froggit WH3900 (=WN1910C [color display] + WN67) to matrix; added WN36 floating pool temperature sensor (so far only published by Fine Offset)
(13-Mar-2022) updated WN36 info (footnote 31)
(16-Mar-2022) updated footnote 31; added Ambient WH31 PF = Ecowitt WN36
(18-Mar-2022) added a "sensor battery status, values etc." section
(22-Mar-2022) added data flow scheme between sensors, consoles, weather software, weather services etc.
(23-Mar-2022) added WiFi firmware upgrade to V.1.6.2 Ecowitt/FOSHK clones, V.4.3.3 Ambient
(25-Mar-2022) added  firmware upgrade to V.2.1.2 for GW1100 and V.1.1.27 for WH6006 and datalogger 1.6.8
(26-Mar-2023) added  firmware upgrade to V.2.1.2 for GW2000
(01-Apr-2022)  added firmware upgrade to 2.1.3 for GW1100  and GW2000
(04-Apr-2022) added info regarding the move of the optional sensor page and the related name editing for the HP2551 console with firmware 1.7.8 (option 5 in the FW change log)
(06-Apr-2022) added EasyWeather WiFi firmware upgrade to V.1.6.4 for HP2551, HP350x, HP2910, WS2320E (clone) consoles
(09-Apr-2022) added some info regarding the WH24 legacy outdoor array (the "boat") - foot note 24
(10-Apr-2022) added info regarding firmware V.1.1.7 upgrade for the WS90 outdoor array of the GW2001 ("Wittboy") station
(13-Apr-2022) device firmware 1.7.9 for HP2551 (clone) consoles released
(16-Apr-2022) firmware 2.1.4 for GW1100 and GW2000 consoles released
(20-Apr-2022) device firmware 1.8.0 for HP2550 console released
(21-Apr-2022) new firmware 1.6.9 for GW1000/WH2650 released (WS90 support via WSView Plus app, V 2.0.30 needed); WS90 firmware update V.1.1.9 for wind reading improvements
(24-Apr-2022) firmware 1.7.0 for GW1000/WH2650 released - fixes WU and custom server upload issues introduced with 1.6.9
(26-Apr-2022) firmware 1.7.1 for GW1000/WH2650 released - fixes remaining WU wind data issue; WS View Plus 2.0.31 released; added HP2564 station
(29-Apr-2022) -  firmware 1.7.2 for GW1000/WH2650 released - change log - see firmware post above
                      - added chapter 9: console - sensor - maximum number table
                      - added picture of the 2nd generation HP25xx console, the HP2560, to the HP2550 console section/chapter
                      - added the HP2560 console to the matrix
(02-May-2022) added sensor (array) transmission timings to the thread (chapter 10)
(14-May-2022) firmware 1.7.3  for GW1000/WH2650 released - change log - see firmware post above
(17-May-2022) added firmware 1.2.2 upgrade for WS80 6-in-1 sensor array (upgrade firmware for ultrasonic wind sensor)
(30-May-2022) added Froggit DP1000 (WS80) and new Ecowitt names of WH32 and WH32B
(11-Jun-2022) firmware 2.1.5 for GW2000 released - change log - see firmware post above
(14-Jun-2022) firmware 1.7.4 for GW1000/WH2650 released  - change log - see firmware post above
(19-Jun-2022) updated HP2551 pictogram explanation to reflect device  firmware 1.8.0
(24-Jun-2022) firmware 2.1.5 for GW1100 released - change log - see firmware post above
(28-Jun-2022) added chapter 11 compiling the sensor hierarchies from several footnotes into an overview
(01-Jul-2022) added/updated HP2551/HP2560 console device firmware update 1.8.1 info in the firmware section
(07-Jul-2022) firmware 1.2.0 for WN19x0 released, allows configuration of WS90 and calibration of WN34 sensors
(13-Jul-2022) firmware 1.1.29 for WS6006 released - solved some SMS issue
(19-Jul-2022) firmware 1.2.3 for the WS90 outdoor array released - changes see firmware section
(26-Jul-2022) firmware 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 shortly after for GW1100 and GW2000 released - changes see firmware section
(03-Aug-2022) updated footnote 18 regarding weewx support and footnote 33 for Meteobridge support in matrix
(05-Aug-2022) added HP2561 info regarding indoor T/H/P sensor (footnote 34)
(08-Aug-2022) firmware 1.7.5 for GW1000/WH2650 (and clones) and device firmware 1.8.5 for HP25x0 console released  - changes see firmware section;
(10-Aug-2022) firmware 2.1.8 for GW1100/GW2000 released  - changes see firmware section;
(13-Aug-2022) firmware 1.2.5 for WS90 sensor array released - changes see firmware section;
(16-Aug-2022) information regarding the alarm symbols for the HP25x0 consoles added as note 14 of the console pictogram
(14-Sep-2022) device firmware 1.8.6 for HP25x0 consoles released - changelog see firmware section
(19-Sep-2022) added WH2682 - Ambient OberserverIP 2.0 console/gateway/module to the matrix
(21-Sep-2022) added footnote 35 for the WH2682 - Ambient OberserverIP 2.0 console/gateway/module; WS90 firmware upgrade V.1.2.6 - see firmware section
(27-Sep-2022) device firmware 2.1.9 for GW1100/GW2000 and WH2682 (ObserverIP 2.0) released - changelog see firmware section
(01-Oct-2022) matrix updated with some more rebranded consoles/stations
(02-Oct-2022) added new WebUI for weather network configuration for HP2560 and newer HP2551 models with upgraded WiFi modem to the HP2551 console section
(05-Oct-2022) added chapter 13. retrieving data from the Ecowitt cloud (
(16-Oct-2022) firmware 1.2.1 for the WN19x0 consoles released
(22-Oct-2022) added SHT35 based high precision sensor kit for the WS90 (also usable for new models of the WS80 and WS69)
(23-Oct-2022) added some details about the Ecowitt Gateway API (aka GW1000 API) as chapter 14 of the thread
(27-Oct-2022) added latest WS View Plus app version update (2.0.35)
(07-Nov-2022) the WSView Plus app (>= V 2.0.36) now also shows the WS90 firmware version (see firmware section)
(14-Nov-2022) updated chapter 14 - Ecowitt Gateway (GW1000) API
(15-Nov-2022) WiFi firmware EasyWeatherPro V5.1.0 released (for HP2560 and HP2550 last hardware revision consoles released. Application OTA.
(16-Nov-2022) firmware 2.2.0 released for GW1100 and GW2000 - changes see firmware section; firmware 1.8.7 released for HP25x0 consoles - changes see firmware section
(26-Nov-2022) added WH31 --> WH32 conversion information to footnote 28 of the compatibility matrix
(27-Nov-2022) added WN1980 console (WN1910 successor model) and related information to matrix/footnotes
(01-Dec-2022) firmware 1.2.2 released for WN19x0 )x=0,1) consoles
(12-Dec-2022) firmware 1.1.0 released for WN1980 console
(26-Dec-2022) firmware 1.1.1 released for WN1980 console
(28-Dec-2022) updated HP2560 information
(11-Jan-2023) firmware 2.2.1 released for GW2000 and GW1100
(17-Jan-2023) firmware 2.2.2 released for GW2000
(18-Jan-2023) WiFi firmware EasyWeather 1.6.5 / EasyWeatherPro 5.1.1 for WS2320E/WS2910/HP2551/HP350x/HP2560 released
(21-Jan-2023) firmware for WS80 (V.1.2.4) and WS90 (V.1.3.0) released:   Optimize low/no wind speed detection algorithm
(03-Feb-2023) updated download links for WS80/WS90 firmware upgrade toolkits
(05-Feb-2023) firmware 1.0.8 for HP10 WiFi camera released
(07-Feb-2023) added WN1821 console to the matrix
(10-Feb-2023) added Froggit (Germany) rebrander console, sensor, station names for GW2001, GW2000,  WS90 and HP2564 to the matrix
(18-Feb-2023) added WS90 with Modbus/RTU interface info to footnote 27
(23-Feb-2023) added new rain priority key/marker to the Ecowitt Gateway API response of CMD_READ_RAIN  (chapter 14)
(27-Feb-2023) added new radiation compensation key/marker to the Ecowitt Gateway API response of CMD_READ_RAIN  (chapter 14)
(02-Mar-2023) firmware 2.2.3 for the GW2000 released - changes see firmware change log
(07-Mar-2023) firmware 2.2.3 for the GW1100 and 1.1.30 for WS6006 released - changes see firmware change log
(08-Mar-2023) firmware 1.7.6 for the GW1000/WH2650 (Froggit DP1500 (old revison!), Froggit WH2600 Pro WiFi) released - changes see firmware change log
(10-Mar-2023) added WiFi firmware for new WS-2000/WS-5000 hardware revision consoles (AMBWeatherPro 5.x.y)
(29-Mar-2023) firmware 1.9.0 for HP25x0 (clone) consoles and 1.3.2 for WS90 sensor array released
(05-Apr-2023) firmware 1.2.5 for WS80 ultrasonic sensor array released
(07-Apr-2023) firmware 1.1.3 for WN1980 console released (bug-fixes)
(22-Apr-2023) firmware 1.3.3 for WS90 sensor array released
(28-Apr-2023) updated Ambient station list and added images of their stations
(02-May-2023) added table of sensors which can be displayed on console displays to chapter 10
(31-May-2023) firmware 2.2.4 for GW2000 released - changes see firmware changelog
(02-Jun-2023) tool to perform WS80/WS90 firmware upgrade also available with Linux derivate system (link see firmware section)
(07-Jun-2023) added WFC01 - intelligent water valve in cooperation with GW2000 (still in -test) to the matrix
(30-Jun-2023) firmware 1.2.3 for WN1900/WN1920 consoles released - fixing bugs in weather forecast
(03-Jul-2023) firmware 1.1.4 for WN1980 released - changes see firmware changelog
(15-Jul-2023) firmware 2.2.5 for GW1100 released - changes see firmware changelog
(15-Jul-2023) added chapter 15: HP25x0 console data export
(19-Jul-2023) updated footnote 28 of the matrix with WH2800 sensor information.
(24-Jul-2023) WS View Plus app V. 2.0.41 released
(25-Jul-2023) WS View Plus app V. 2.0.42 released, fixes a bug where live data page wouldn't stay and bounce back to device list
(28-Jul-2023) added GARNI sensor naming scheme to matrix and updated HP2550 chapter for GARNI differences
(31-Jul-2023) GW2000 firmware 3.0.5 released - supports now WFC01 IoT sensor (see firmware changelog) - also Ecowitt app 1.1.25 released, needed for the WFC01 IoT valve
(05-Aug-2023) added chapter 16 - Ecowitt Automation - WFC01 - the intelligent IoT water timer
(11-Aug-2023) HP25x0 device firmware 1.9.1 released (changes see firmware changelog); WN34D temperature sensor with extended range (-55 - +120 C) released
(15-Aug-2023) updated matrix with Misol products (433 MHz only) and chapter 16 / WFC01; sensors per console table (ch. 10) as well
(20-Aug-2023) firmware 3.0.6 for GW2000 released
(28-Aug-2023) firmware 1.1.32 and PC software 1.7.1 for WS6006 released
(30-Aug-2023) firmware 2.2.6 for GW1100 released
(31-Aug-2023) added chapter 2.4 on HP25x0 and WH24 ("boat") sensor array
(09-Sep-2023) updated matrix with HP350x and WS6006 sensor compatibility
(15-Sep-2023) firmware 3.0.7 for GW2000 and 2.2.7 for GW 1100 released

10. console - sensor - maximum number table
(if table not fully shown: right click, open image in new tab)
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the WH2650 gateway console is not contained in this table. It can have/use the same sensors and number of sensors as the HP2550 console with firmware 1.7.2.
It is not sold by Ecowitt directly but mainly by resellers like Froggit, Steinberg Systems, Waldbeck etc. in Europe as 868 MHz models (see matrix on top of the thread).
E.g. Froggit WH2600Pro WiFi
each console can have the maximum number of each sensor type simultaneously connected ! (it's AND and not OR  8-))

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11. sensor (array) transmission timings / reporting intervals
 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

12. sensor (array) hierarchy
(see also footnote 7 of the compatibility matrix)

per console only one of the outdoor temp/hum, traditional rain, wind and solar sensors will be shown
if more than one of these types are registered to the console, the below hierarchy is applied by the console
(this applies to the HP25x0, GW1x00, GW2000, WN19x0 and WH2650 consoles)

outdoor temp/hum: WH65/WS69 --> WS80 ..> WS90 --> WH32(-EP)
rain: WH65/69 --> WH40
wind: WH65/WS69 --> WS68 --> WS80 --> WS90
solar: WH65/WS69 --> WS68 --> WS80 --> WS90

The GW1000/WH2650 (firmware >= 1.7.4), GW1100, GW2000 (firmware >= 2.1.4) and WN19x0 (firmware >0 1.2.0) consoles can have a traditional (WH65/WS69, WH40) and a haptic/piezo rain gauge (WS90) simultaniously connected and synoptically shown. The HP25x0 consoles (firmware >= 1.8.0) can so far only show either or (traditional or piezo) with both connected.

13. the Ecowitt Gateway API (application programming interface) aka GW1000 API
the Ecowitt Gateway API (EW-GW API) is an interface which allows applications to retrieve data from an Ecowitt console/gateway which supports this API.
Currently (October 2022) the following consoles have the EW-GW API:
displayless consoles/gateways
- GW1000 (no longer produced)
- WH2650 WiFi (WH2600 successor gateway with WiFi - sold under different names by various resellers e.g. Froggit, Steinberg Systems, Waldbeck, ... mainly in Europe)
- GW1100 (GW1000 successor model)
- GW2000 (latest Ecowitt gateway, sold together with the Ecowitt WS90 outdoor array as GW2001 station, also available as single gateway/console)
- WH2685 (mainly sold as Ambient ObserverIP 2.0 module - Ambient restrictions apply, even though a GW1100/GW2000 deprived of their indoor T/H sensors would act as a WH2685 without the Ambient restrictions)
consoles with display
- WN19x0 consoles (lightweight console)

(there is one more console which has a similar API, the WS2320E console. The WeatherSmart for WiFi or WeatherSmartIP software for Windows PCs retrieves data from a WS230E (clone) console, displays it in the software user interface and stores/archives the data in a Microsoft Access database. Custom software could also retrieve data from this console when the API description is known - independent of the server OS. The WS2320E has only a limited not expandable number of sensors, while the EW-GW API supports all recently available Ecowitt and reseller clone console sensors including Ambient.)

The API serves various purposes:
1. request device information (device type/name, firmware version, RF reception frequency)
2. retrieve and add/change posting to weather networks (Ecowitt, Weather Underground [WU], WeatherCloud, WOW and a freely customized server address/domain, path, port and posting interval)
3. retrieve and add/change sensor calibration offsets or gain factors
4. register or disable sensors
5. retrieve information about registered sensors and their battery charge status
6. retrieve information of console/gateway runtime since last reboot
7. retrieve sensor readings (observations) on request
8. initiate a reboot of the console/gateway

The API is documented and released for public use by Ecowitt - latest version is 1.6.4.,1100%20WH2680,2650%20telenet%20v1.6.4.pdf
The documentation may not be easily readable by non-adepts without a certain level of software programming skills. Therefore we will explain its main functionality in the text below with examples.

Ecowitt provide an app (WS View Plus) which in its latest release can do all the above listed activities (1. - 7.) with all recent sensors/sensor arrays. The development of the legacy WS View app (without "Plus") has been discontinued and it can no longer retrieve data from or configure all sensors - especially the WS90.

The app - or a custom developed program with an integrated network socket - can communicate with the respective consoles via the API using TCP protocol via port 45000 by sending defined commands and reading the related response from the console through its API.

(CumulusMX, Meteobridge, Weather Display and weewx have drivers or inbuilt software portions which can inquire the Ecowitt Gateway API and receive and process the API response)

For the data retrieval there are mainly two commands which would trigger a console response regarding current preprocessed weather sensor observation data:
2. CMD_READ_RAIN (this command was introduced to cover the data from the haptic/piezo rain sensor built into the WS90 sensor array ["Wittboy"])
(battery/signal data for all sensors/sensor arrays can be read via the command CMD_READ_SENSOR_ID_NEW)

The CMD_GW1000_LIVEDATA command sent as a hexadecimal (HEX) byte sequence to port 45000 of the gateway (IP address) triggers a variable length console/API response which contains the actual, current data of all sensors connected/registered with that console. The variable length is defined by the number and type of sensors connected to the console.

Below the decoded byte sequence of the retrieval request and of the API response:
The general data exchange format is:
Fixed header, CMD, SIZE, DATA1, DATA2, , DATAn, CHECKSUM
Fixed header: 2 bytes, header is fixed as 0xffff CMD: 1 byte,
Command SIZE: 1 byte, packet size,counted from CMD till CHECKSUM
DATA: n bytes, payloads,variable length

CMD_GW1000_LIVEDATA: 0xFF 0xFF 0x27 0x05 0xnn (FFFF = header, 27= Command, 05 = size, nn = CheckSum)
API response: (FFFF = header, 27= Command, 0096 = payload size, payload, checksum  [HEX 96 = DECIMAL 150])
[payload(s) means the observation related data sent by the console including administrative data, e.g. sensor name codes,
or, from the logistics terminology, where the word comes from:
Header + Command + content size + checksum is the Container, the payload is the content of the container and its packing list]

the payload data has the following structure:
a marker or identifier of the sensor and the related data (the length of the data portion is defined in the API description)
e.g. 0x01: Indoor Temperature; related data: multiples of 1/10 of the Indoor temperature in centigrades hexadecimally coded in two bytes

below a real-life API response from a GW1100 gateway - the list of connected sensor is shown under the response and the decoding description
(a software program for decoding the API response must identify the observation (marker, identifier) and the related data following the marker.
this has been done manually below for a real-world API response)

 0xFF 0xFF 0x27 0x00 0x9A 0x01 0x00 0xC8 
 0x06 0x39 0x08 0x26 0xE0 0x09 0x28 0x03
 0x02 0x00 0x44 0x07 0x59 0x0A 0x00 0x77
 0x0B 0x00 0x00 0x0C 0x00 0x00 0x15 0x00
 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x16 0x00 0x00 0x17 0x00
 0x2A 0x00 0x78 0x4D 0x00 0xAF 0x51 0x00
 0x82 0x4E 0x00 0x7D 0x2C 0x41 0x2E 0x40
 0x30 0x3E 0x32 0x2B 0x1A 0x00 0x40 0x22
 0x4C 0x1B 0x00 0x5A 0x23 0x52 0x1C 0x00
 0x43 0x24 0x58 0x1D 0x00 0x5B 0x25 0x4F
 0x1E 0xFF 0x54 0x1F 0x00 0x57 0x27 0x45
 0x20 0x00 0x39 0x28 0x4B 0x59 0x00 0x62
 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x61 0x63 0x22 0x26
 0x5E 0x60 0x11 0x19 0x00 0x0C 0x0E 0x00
 0x00 0x10 0x00 0x00 0x11 0x00 0x02 0x12
 0x00 0x00 0x01 0xDB 0x13 0x00 0x00 0x1A
 0x23 0x0D 0x00 0x00 0x63 0x00 0x3C 0x70
 0x00 0xD3 0x34  0x00 0x61 0x00 0x9D 0x00
 0x55 0x00 0x96 0x02 0xB1 0x02 0xFF 0x06
 0x72 0x52 0x88

header: FF, FF, CMD, length from CMD to end including checksum - here 154 bytes (HEX 9A)
marker: size/length (bytes) observation/sensor [unit] Hex value from API
0x01: 2 - inTemp [1/10 C] 00C8 =  20.0 C
0x06: 1 - inHum [%]= 39 = 57% 
0x08: 2 - absPress [1/10 hPa]= 26E0 = 995.2 hPa 
0x09: 2 - relPress [1/10 hPa]= 2803 = 1024.3 hPa
0x02: 2 - outTemp [1/10 C] = 0044 = 6.8 C   
0x07: 1 - outHum [%] = 59 = 89%
0x0A: 2 - WindDir [] = 0077 = 119
0x0B: 2 - WindSpeed [m/s] 0000 = 0 m/s
0x0C: 2 - windGust [m/s] = 0000 = 0 m/s
0x15: 4 - Solar [lux] = 00000000 = 0 Lux
0x16: 2 - SolRad [W/m2]= 0000 = 0 W/m2
0x17: 1 - [-] UVI = 00 = 0
0x2A: 2 - PM2.5 Ch1 [g/m3] = 0078 = 12.0 g/m3
0x4D: 2 - PM2.5 Ch1 24h [g/m3] = 00AF = 17.5 g/m3
0x51: 2 - PM2.5 Ch2 [g/m3] = 0082 = 12.4 g/m3
0x4E: 2 - PM2.5 Ch2 24h [g/m3] = 007D = 12.5 g/m3 
0x2C: 1 - soilMoist1 [%] = 41 =  65%
0x2E: 1 - soilMoist2 [%] = 40 = 64%
0x30: 1 - soilMoist3 [%] = 3E = 62%
0x32: 1 - soilMoist4 [%] = 2B = 43%
0x1A: 2 - extraTemp1 [1/10 C] = 0040 = 6.4C
0x22: 1 - extraHum1 [%] = 4C = 76%
0x1B: 2 - extraTemp2 [1/10 C] = 005A = 9.0C
0x23: 1 - extraHum2  [%] = 52 = 82%
0x1C: 2 - extraTemp3 [1/10 C] = 0043 = 6.7C
0x24: 1 - extraHum3 [%] = 58 = 88%
0x1D: 2 - extraTemp4 [1/10 C] = 005B = 9.1C
0x25: 1 - extraHum4 [%] = 4F = 79%
0x1E: 2 - extraTemp5 [1/10 C] = FF54 = -17.1C (WN30, no Hum: FFFF-FF54=AB=171; FF = '-')
0x1F: 2 - extraTemp6 [1/10 C] = 0057 = 9.3C
0x27: 1 - extraHum6 [%] = 45 = 68%
0x20: 2 - extraTemp7 [1/10 C] = 0039 = 6.3C
0x28: 1 - extraHum7 [%] = 4B = 75%
0x59: 1 - Leak Ch2 [-] 0 = OK
0x60: 1 - lightning distance (last strike) [km] 11 = 17 km
0x61: 4 - lightning time stamp (last strike) 6322 265E = EPOCH 1663182430 = 14 September 2022 19:07:10
0x62: 4 - lightning day count [-] = 00000000 = 0
0x19: 2 - day max wind [m/s] =  000C = 12 m/s = 43.2 km/h
0x0E: 2 - rain rate [mm/h] = 0 mm/h
0x10: 2 - rain day [mm] = 0 mm
0x11: 2 - rain week [mm] = 0.2 mm
0x12: 4 - rain month [mm] = = 1DB =47.5 mm
0x13: 4 - rain year [mm] = = 1A23 = 669.1 mm
0x0D: 4 - rain event [mm] = 0 mm
0x63: 2 - WN34L Ch1 [C] 003C = 6.0 C
0x70: WH45 temp (2) [1/10 C], Hum (1) [%] , pm10(2) [g/m3], pm10-24(2) [g/m3], pm25(2) [g/m3], pm25-24 (2) [g/m3], CO2 (2) [ppm], CO2-24 (2) [ppm], battery (1)[-]- sequence !!
WH45-temp: 00D3 = 211 = 21.1C, WH45-hum: 34 = 52%, PM10: 61 = 9.7 g/m3, PM10-24: 9D = 15.7 g/m3, PM2.5: 55 = 8.5 g/m3 , PM2.5-24: 96 = 15.0 g/m3, CO2:  02B1 = 689 ppm, CO2-24:  02FF = 767 ppm, battery = 6 (on DC)
0x72: 1 - Leaf Wetness Ch1 [%] 52 = 82%
0x73 - 0x79: WN35 Ch2-8 [%] (not present)
0x64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 6A: 2 -  WN34  [1/10 C] Ch2-8 (not present - WN34 is considered user defined temperature)
0x32, 34, 36, 38: WH51 [%] 1 - Ch5-8 (not present)
last byte: Checksum

inside this API response there is contained
- a WH32 as outdoor temperature and humidity
- the GW1100 indoor T/H and absolute and relative pressure
- the wind speed, maxGust daily, wind direction
- solar radiation and UVI
- 4 WH51 soil moisture sensors (channels 1-4)
- 7 WH31 extra T/H sensors (channels 1-7)
- 1 WN34L user defined temperature (channel 1)
- 1 WN35 leaf wetness sensor (channel 1)
- 1 WH55 waster leakage sensor (channel 2)
- 1 WH57 with daily lightning count, EPOCH time stamp (seconds passed since 01-Jan-1970) of last lightning occurrence and distance of last lightning
- 1 WH40 with all (traditionally measured) rain data from the interface
- 1 WS90 with piezo rain data (piezo rain data to be retrieved separately with the CMD_READ_RAIN command)
- 1 WH45 with PM2.5, PM10, CO2 data (actual and 24h) plus WH45 temp/hum
- 2 WH41 PM2.5 sensors (channel 1 and 2)

it may appear at first glance that the marker sequence is not really ascending and sort of chaotic - there is some inbuilt logic - but in order to decode one has to take the indoor sensors first and then the outdoor sensors.
The first markers 0x01, 0x06, 0x08 and 0x09 are the indoor temperature, indoor humidity, absolute air pressure and relative air pressure.
Then come the outdoor sensors 0x02 in ascending sequence (with a few exceptions  ](*,):  for an extra temperature there is a related extra humidity which starts counting after the 8th extra Temperature sensor; also the PM2.5 WH41 sensors are somewhat out of sequence - that's because of a historically grown API). The decoding software has to know this sequence for proper decoding. Also for the WH45 values the byte sequence, size and allocation needs to be known. A WH51 soil moisture sensor has always a corresponding WN34 sensor for its "neighbour/successor") - and the API allows for 16 soil moisture and 16 soil temperature (and 8 user defined) sensors, but the console firmware (so far) only allows for 8 WH51 soil moisture and 8 user defined sensors (WN34). At the end comes the max daily wind gust and the traditional rain data.
As theoretically all possible sensors could be connected to the console, all have to be checked for presence and if present for their observation data.
Therefore writing software for doing this decoding is quite a challenging and more complex job.

With the CMD_READ_RAIN command all rain data of connected rain gauges (maximum one traditional [WH40 or WS69] and one piezo [WS90] rain gauge) can be retrieved
CMD_READ_RAIN has the command code 0x57

a typical (real-life) API response is:
header: FF, FF, CMD, length from CMD to end including checksum - here 86 bytes (HEX 56)

0xFF 0xFF 0x57 0x00 0x56
0x0E 0x00 0x06 0x10 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x03
0x11 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x03 0x12 0x00 0x00
0x04 0x8C 0x13 0x00 0x00 0x1C 0xC8 0x0D
0x00 0x03 0x0F 0x00 0x66 0x80 0x00 0x12
0x83 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x05 0x84 0x00 0x00
0x00 0x05 0x85 0x00 0x00 0x04 0xCB 0x86
0x00 0x00 0x1D 0x07 0x81 0x00 0x05 0x87
0x00 0xA5 0x00 0xA0 0x00 0xA0 0x00 0xA0
0x00 0xB4 0x00 0x64 0x00 0x64 0x00 0x64
0x00 0x64 0x00 0x64 0x88 0x00 0x00 0x00
0x7A 0x02 0xE5

the response contain the traditional rain gauge data (WH40, WS69) first; identifiers 0x0D - 0x14, (if registered to the console !)
marker:  size (bytes) - data/values
0x0D: 2 - rain event [1/10 mm] - 0.3 mm
0x0E: 2 - rain rate   [1/10 mm/h] - 0.6 mm/h
0x0F: 2 - rain gain [1/100] 66 = 1.02
0x10: 2 - daily rain  [1/10 mm] - 0.3 mm
0x11: 2 - weekly rain [1/10 mm] - 0.3 mm
0x12: 4 - monthly rain [1/10 mm] - 048C = 116.4 mm
0x13: 4 - yearly rain [1/10 mm] - 1CC8 = 736.8 mm
0x14: 4 - total rain [1/10 mm] (more than one calendar year)

then come the piezo rain data from the WS90; identifiers 0x80 - 0x88, if a WS90 is registered to the console
marker:  size (bytes) - data/values
0x80: 2 - piezo rain rate [1/10 mm/h] 12 = 1.8 mm/h
0x81: 2 - piezo rain event [1/10 mm] 5 = 0.5 mm
0x82: 2 - reserved - not used
0x83: 4 - piezo daily rain [1/10  mm] 5 = 0.5 mm
0x84: 4 - piezo weekly rain [1/10  mm] 5 = 0.5 mm
0x85: 4 - piezo monthly rain [1/10  mm] 4CB = 122.7 mm
0x86: 4 - piezo yearly rain [1/10  mm] 1D07 = 743.1 mm
0x87: 2 x 10 - piezo rain gain [1/100]  00A5 = 1.65, 00A0 = 1.60, 00A0 = 1.60, 00A0 = 1.60, 00B4 = 1.80 (5 calibration tiers WS90);
5 x 0064 = 1.00 (not used)
0x88: 3 - time for piezo rain reset (RST)
Byte1: daily 0-23; Byte 2:weekly 0-6; Byte 3: yearly 0-11; default: 1,2,3 = 0
0x7A: 1 byte - rain priority (classical or piezo) - 1 = classical, 2 = piezo
0x7B: 1 byte - radiation compensation - on/off (not present in sample reading)
last byte = checksum


14. retrieving data from the Ecowitt cloud (

if you have an account at (the Ecowitt cloud), you can have your Ecowitt (or clone except Ambient) consoles post there in a 1 - 5 minute interval. The data is displayed on the dashboard and refreshed every minute and stored every five minutes. You can have more than one console post to the same account. The console (device) is identified and selectable based on its MAC address.
This data can also be retrieved from the cloud via the so-called Ecowitt cloud API (not to be confused with the Ecowitt Gateway API of the GW1000/GW1100/GW2000/WH2650/WN19x0 consoles via which data can be retrieved directly from the console inside the same local network subnet).

Data is kept in the Ecowitt cloud for different periods at different intervals:

-     5 minutes resolution data within the past   90 days
-   30 minutes resolution data within the past 360 days
- 240 minutes resolution data within the past 730 days
-   24 hours    resolution data since 2019.1.1

With a proper piece of software (or even manually), the data a console posted earlier can be retrieved by the help of an API key and an APP key - to be created in your account profile. Each one (API and APP key) needs to be created separately.
the generic https call(URL to be entered into your browser) is:

- you have an account at
- your console is registered at via your account
- your console posts to
- you have created an AP key and an API key in your profile

further details for developers can be found at


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