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--- Quote from: Felixus on March 23, 2020, 08:08:11 AM ---UK market is really poor when it comes to smart weather stations. It's almost impossibld to buy a Fine Offset clone in the UK.

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I know plenty of people with Fine Offset clones in the UK. My best advice is to contact Ecowitt directly. You'll be able to get any configuration you want.

But there are other UK distributors of Fine Offset:

....and there is more than these. Still I would just buy from Ecowitt to get the best configuration.

Thanks Galfert,

Correct, however I only consider a proper modular weather station to be HP255X :grin: and these are impossible to get from a UK distributor. Misol clone from Aliexpress with ecowitt firmware and wifi firmware worked for me. I'm able to upload data to This was much cheaper than to buy it directly from ecowitt.

I think there's a gap in the UK market when it comes to semi-professional PWS...

You just need to search carefully and be in the know :-)

If you want a HP2551 and don't want to purchase from Ecowitt there are several options now in the UK
Misol via Amazon UK

Or Froggit in Germany which happily will ship to the UK and even has a English option for the web display.
Froggit will also supply many of the additional sensors if you want.
The froggit version of the HP2551 is called the HP1000SE

Or you can contact Lucy in Shenzen (Ecowitt) and they will give you a quote in USD and will ship you one though it might take a few weeks from order/paying via Paypal to shipping etc

I was looking for that Misol on the UK site and didn't find it. But I didn't search too hard either. I only searched for Misol Weather Station and it didn't come up...weird. Then now that I see the listing I've noticed it has a poor Bestsellers rank of #1001 in the Thermometer and Meteorological Instruments category but not listed in the Weather Station category. I would have expected a much higher rank. In the US the comparable WS-2000 has a Bestseller rank of #30 in Weather Station category.

I suspect the UK is a oddity through history.
Previously most folks would have purchased a weather station in the UK through Maplin (previously Radio Shack) as they were actively marketed and on the high street. When that went out of business it left a bit of a void.

Misol and Froggit have sold items through Amazon UK as marketplace traders in a small scale ever since but I don't think they have made much effort.
You really have to try hard to find suppliers of Fine Offset equipment and often these are only available in small bursts now hence the low ratings.

I am not sure that this is going to get any easier now that the UK is leaving the EU.
I have suggested to Ecowitt that they should look to direct sell through Amazon UK however I am not sure what numbers they would need to shift to make that viable. However given the lack of competition and scale (must be comparable in market to Canada or even bigger) I would of thought there was a good market case. I know that they are considering it but who knows!


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