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JQuery and IE11 - IE and anything !


the beteljuice:
The betejuice has been relearning <input>. css3, HTML5, JQuery etc. etc. with limited success, but when I discovered M$ IE is no better at adopting 'standards' than it was in the era of Netscape 2.x  :twisted:

I have spent many days trying to make a 'pretty' input interface work in IE.

Either the 'listeners' don't behave properly or IE enforces its own styling no matter what you do.

At least scriptwise I have just found accidentally a seemingly great site - at least it easily fixed an incompatibility problem I had been researching for over four hours !!!!#  #-o

Babel · The compiler for next generation JavaScript - If you code, you need this bookmarked !

... Just had a sharing moment - I'll be better soon  :roll:

dont worry its fast heading that way again(or it is has always been there) if google isn’t careful then it might just resurrect that era of the internet where “works best with IE Chrome” , there is also a common belief the biggest bottlekneck of the internet has become the use of bloated jQuery scripts and now smaller more efficient libraries are now very common with specific small libraries just doing what there designed for..

Has for IE11 you can spend hours,days,months creating something perfect right in front of you and then you think I done it then you share your work only to find that It dont work in FF / Chrome / Safari or some other rebranded chrome based browser..unfortunately that era of works best in "something" is still very apparent today..

always follow your creations particularly liked the recent sun dial was going to comment but that new forum is painstakingly slow at present.. good luck ...brian


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