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I wanted to start a new thread about the pro and standard Barani Designs passive shield and how it works in the backyard of normal pws, any professional studies and comparisons can be found on the Barani home page. And to start i finally got a morning with no wind and no clouds on the horizon to block the sun so i could see how the shields i have in use compared when the sun was hitting the plates at maximum exposure. The standard shield gets some morning shade from my tower and it and the fars which is in full sun ran the same temp. The pro ran about .4 to .5 higher until the wind picked up and then it was running the same as the others. I just want to add that i came up with the top plate idea about adding shade to the shield and passed it along to Valentine, so my bad if it upset the purist in the group. I am always trying different things to improve my readings and will keep doing so. I got the idea of the top plate from looking at the high dollar shields they use on the climate research stations which spec at less than .05F added to temp. The shield is a 3 tube design but has a single large plate that shades the tubes in the heat of the day and i thought if it's good enough for them i would try it and it works. So don't blame Valentine for the idea we both like to try out various things, some work some don't. We both have some sensor housing coming that we will be trying out. So any of you who are thinking about trying a better passive shield then hang it there for further reports. Hey remember the cotton region shelter was the best at the time then someone decided to add the second set of louvers and that became the best then someone said why white inside lets paint it black and absorb radiation inside the shield and that became the best and along came the gill plate design and again the best until the fan was added now that is the standard, so finding better ways of housing sensors is always ongoing  =D>

Awesome Jerry.
If I get any new info I'll drop in. 
Was up until 1am last night setting up my test shields. Think my neighbors wonder what I'm smoking.  :lol:

Ha, i have that over you, where i live out in the country i have no one to know i am crazy with all the stuff i have out on the weather tower  :lol: . Just a funny note i had a guy going down the road who stopped an asked what i was doing with all the bee hives, i was trying out several cotton regional shelters  :lol:.

With a little wind seeing the pro do better today, Only by 1/2 degree. 
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Need to do a little updating, finally some weather that lets me check things out with low wind speed and sunny. It looks like the oversize plate on top of the pro and standard shield are doing a pretty good job. The pro has been running around a degree lower than the fars and the standard shield has been around half degree lower. When a cloud comes over the fars temp drops pretty quickly down to the pro temp and so does the standard. The pro only drops a few tenths with cloud cover and when the cloud moves by the pro goes up a few tenths and the fars goes back up to the 1 degree higher which shows the fars temp is being affected by the solar heating of the sun on the shield which is shown in the specs of the shield. I think later in the year when the solar energy is a lot lower the plate won't be necessary and the sun angle will probably be too low for an overhead plate to do any good. With the plate atop the two shields when the wind was calm or low the temp of the pro got withing half a degree of the fars on the low side and the standard went up to the fars temp. 


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