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I'm liking this site. Well done!


--- Quote from: halifax on July 01, 2019, 06:51:33 AM ---I'm liking this site. Well done!

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Hi All,

Our surface analysis data layer is now available. While this is a map that we wanted to offer, it's apparently not a map that is hugely popular. Even AccuWeather did away with theirs:

We talked with a few of the people we consult with and the general consensus was that traditional surface maps can be too complex for "at a glance" viewing. With this in mind, we decided to create a less complex surface analysis map that will hopefully be more inviting.  As always, we love feedback. We also know that this map might need to be tweaked. So consider this "version 1".

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Hi All,

We're working on a complete overhaul for our meteomaps.com service. We're to the point where we need to start switching aspects of the system from the old software and hardware to the new software and hardware.

Any maps currently configured and in use by users will remain active during the transition. However, the admin panel will be in a state of limbo for a bit and creating new maps will not be possible. We're hoping to have everything completed by the end of May.

Hi All,

For once for us, things are actually going to plan. We're well on our way having the overhaul complete by the end of this month.

At this point, the new admin panel is online and the service is quite usable. Please feel free to sign in and give it a try. Again, we're not charging at the moment. So it's all free to check out.



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