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The ebb and flow is the result of the rotation of the Earth and the gyres

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not true
there is big tides during full moon
but what is true is that new moon tends to have a bit bigger tides...simply because the sun is helping (as the moon is opposite to the suns gravity pull on earth)

It is believed that the abnormally high "tides of the century" 15 meters high in the Gulf of Saint-Malo, France, are formed during the parade of the planets. Then why in other bays of France and the northern hemisphere, during the parade of the planets, abnormally high "tides of the century" are not formed.
Moreover, in some bays of the Northern Hemisphere during the parade of planets, abnormally low "tides of the century" are formed. (Bay of Fundy, Ungava, Mezen, Penzhinskaya Bay, etc.).


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