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You can change your bookmarks to use now.  The basic site is https compliant.

If you have Show Avatars, Show Signatures enabled, some pages may have http:// links to images so the 'Green Padlock' in the browser turns yellow with a ! symbol to indicate mixed https/http content on the page.  Not all the member sites have converted to https yet, so that issue will be around for a while.

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Can you set the web server for mandatory HTTPS, where it rewrites all non-SSL URL's to their SSL equivalent?????

All the URLs native to automatically use HTTPS for access if the forum is accessed with https://

The parts that return 'mixed' are based on member supplied URLs for Avatars and Signature images, and not all the member sites have HTTPS enabled, so I'm loathe to force a rewrite of *all* URLs supplied by HTML in the forum pages.  I've updated my Signature to use HTTPS for my banner image, and hope that others who have HTTPS available, will do the same .. forcing the conversion would just 'break' a bunch of the images (all offsite  [img]http://...[/img] imbeds, for example).

Mine is one that is not HTTPS

I will need help in setting that up. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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