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HEAD'S UP: https update
« on: November 14, 2020, 01:43:45 PM »
Effective November 30, 2020 we will NOT accept NEW NON-HTTPS stream sources.
New security paradigms across the internet and devices, force this, especially regarding "mixed content" presentation, including media streams. SSL /TLS will be universal.

We will activate a solution shortly. "Green Light, Go" will be noted here, and the affected NWROrg pages updated with specifics.

 At the very end of the Main Website playlist, currently, you will see several streams that have been evaluating this secure stream server. The transmitter streams also appear in the NWROrg website script you may be using, although they list under the appropriate state heading.

There will be specific configuration parameters you should check, and adopt. These will produce the best overall performance of your stream, optimize your bandwidth and CPU / memory  and the stream acceptance on most devices. They will also help maintain our agreement with NOAA, WRN, etc to provide good quality and reliability.) None are 'major' changes, but some may need to modify a setting or two on the encoder.

NEW STREAM Submission:   All NEW streams should point to our new service as the primary stream. If you already have YOUR own HTTPS server running locally, we encourage you to submit it also as an alternate! We will NOT accept NEW streams from third party services... If you're about to submit a stream to NWROrg, please delay until activation is announced.     

If you are streaming to, we'd ask that you maintain that stream to honor Chris C, without whom we wouldn't be here today! However those streams DO NOT meet the new HTTPS protocols.
Please also maintain, if you wish, any streams to other services.

Add a new stream connection to the new NWROrg server which will provide SSL for your stream.
(Some encoders allow multiple stream connections, for others, like BUTT, simply run a second instance, pointed to the new secure server)
And submit a new stream form.. or a change url if moving a present stream.

This new connection will become primary in our listings, with any present stream moved to 'alternate'.

Yes, a new QRA request would be required for your new stream.  If you drop your currently subscribed stream, please also send an unsubcribe request.
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