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Your First 12 Days of 2016?


An old adage I've heard from a few older friends here in West Virginia tell me that they used to say as a kid that the first twelve days of a year was indicative of how the weather for that month would be. For instance, if January 5th was very sunny, then the month would be relatively dry and calm. Though this might be a stretch on accuracy to say the least, I do specifically remember January 6th being quite gusty, and lo and behold, we had a huge derecho knock the power out for fifteen days that June  8-)

Old Tele man:
12 days/31days = 39% of the month (Jan)...which is more than 1/3 of the month...or, implying the first 1/3 ≈ last 2/3 weather wise?

Never said it was accurate - But you present a good point! I always enjoy testing folklore out though!  :-)

I hope it is not accurate! :D Yesterday was pretty much the first day when it was at least for a moment not freezing :D

We had very warm Chrismtas (just like all of the last about 5 yrs), with temperatures around +10 or even +15 C (50-60F). But two days before New Year a cold front arrived and it suddenly got much colder. Then the first week from 1st to 7th January, temperatures were substantially below what the long-term average is, with daily max only around -5 C (23 F). And then the last two days it is usually around -5 at night and around 0 (32 F) during the day (sidewalks look pretty much like an icing field.. we even had a warning issued for it, because it is in some places virtually impossible to walk).

If your prediction is correct then there is not much to look for till at least October :D


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