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Randall Kayfes:

Thank you for the JPG version but I starting thinking there had to be a better resolution version...
A little digging at NASA and PDF =
There is also a second page explaining cloud elevations, cloud cover, opacity and water cycle.
Here is the master page that has great cloud ID resources and a quiz - NASA who knew...
Clouds clasified by elevations:

Finally check out this If Then guide to cloud identification

Thanks again Greg for the initial hit!

Anybody else got a great Cloud ID resource feel free to let us know - let's keep this thread going.


I am glad that it stimulated additional investigation.  \:D/

Here is another resource in case there is interest:

Greg H.

Randall Kayfes:

Another home run - thank you!


Great thread, Randall! Thank you from a rookie observer.  =D>

I found something that may help rank amateurs like me get started.

And I just found this for looking at things from satellites.

Randall Kayfes:

I have never seen those great addition to the resource list.
Thank you for sharing!



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