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Time Lapse Process and Techniques - Edited 2/7/18

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Moose Whisperer:
Great information Greg! Thanks for posting this. I really like your idea of the live, multiple-camera panorama solution. I've recently started using the SebecTec IP time-lapse software, and of course the advantage to that one over the USB version is the use of up to 12 cameras. you just gave me more ideas! This could get expensive!  #-o

Thanks for sharing your techniques. Your details are very much appreciated. It does sound extremely complex. But you have a gorgeous view and you have done well to show it off!  =D&gt;

Have you considered using Raspberry Pi's with dedicated cameras on each feeding a network server? $50 per Pi with camera.

Randall Kayfes:
Admins lets make this a sticky!

Thank you all for your kind words!


Edit: 2/7/18

While browsing around today I saw this post from a while ago.  I decided to share one more trick that I am using now on this panorama time lapse process.  There was always a black background at the top and the bottom of these panoramas that I didn't like.  So, I figured out a way to add something a bit more appealing to the eyes.  I have added a 4th video track to this template.  Each of the videos in the panorama are 640x360.  For the 4th track, I use the full size video from the center camera (1920x1080) in the background.  I set the 4th track to 50% opacity.  This adds a little "related" activity to those dead spaces.  By setting the opacity to 50%, I think it compliments, rather than overpowers the video.

Here is an example:

Thought I'd Share,


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