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Time Lapse Process and Techniques - Edited 2/7/18

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Greg, as always, I marvel at your videos. You not only have a perfect location but you also seem to have a way with capturing the spirit of that spectacular view. This new addition improves your videos even more so. Well done!  =D&gt;


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While browsing around today I saw this post from a while ago.  I decided to share one more trick that I am using now on this panorama time lapse process.  There was always a black background at the top and the bottom of these panoramas that I didn't like.  So, I figured out a way to add something a bit more appealing to the eyes.  I have added a 4th video track to this template.  Each of the videos in the panorama are 640x360.  For the 4th track, I use the full size video from the center camera (1920x1080) in the background.  I set the 4th track to 50% opacity.  This adds a little "related" activity to those dead spaces.  By setting the opacity to 50%, I think it compliments, rather than overpowers the video.

Here is an example:

Thought I'd Share,

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Good attempt, yes it compliments, rather than overpowers the video.  The video is already very attractive and the changing hues and shades make it more attractive than before.


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